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When you other countries start wearing flags on your pants, then we'll talk about code redistribution. Until then, it's just obvious we want it most.


  • TheDew 01.20.13 @ 4:39pm

    Is it really?

  • Ohgod 06.16.10 @ 10:03am

    USA for World Cup!

  • MineTruly 05.10.10 @ 9:04pm

    Now if the dude who invented the telephone had been Welsh, then Wales would be 1.

    Until USA beat the scheiss out of them and stole it.

  • jen 03.23.10 @ 2:30am

    ah just missing the baguette and smelly armpits… you need to do one in the subway when they’re on strike… shoot on location !

  • lau 03.20.10 @ 4:48pm

    lol @ sherman.
    also, is that an edith piaf song in the background? i love that song! written by an argentinean composer. why do i know this?

  • Luke 10.09.09 @ 8:34pm

    WOOO NUMBER 1!! haha
    yanks r nuts

  • Nate 08.21.09 @ 5:55am

    I don’t know Lloyd the french are assholes.

  • Silly 07.04.09 @ 6:27am

    and you’re… really… really… i dunno how to say it…
    d’you have a problem with your “shift lock”?

    [french72] (i’m not kidding :p)

  • USA 07.04.09 @ 5:26am


  • Silly 07.01.09 @ 4:54pm

    When i read such things:
    “the French are such butt-faces”
    “There’s only one good kinda French… French Toast.”

    I’m so happy to live in Belgium!


  • tricky pete 06.03.09 @ 11:18pm

    Right?! It’s like that popular movie when Sean Connery played a Spaniard while a French-Canadian played a Highlander.

  • K.K. Ph.D 05.16.09 @ 2:08am

    Dear Director,

    Please don’t kill me in your thoughts but having Rouss. play the Frenchy and MP the American may have given you that 5sf Oscar. much love!

  • Griffin 05.11.09 @ 11:01am

    Lol! I love how he still has the tag on his hat.

  • don yuda 05.06.09 @ 9:58pm

    He’s wearing a soccer jersey? haha… why is that French?

  • James Holt 05.06.09 @ 2:45pm

    There’s only one good kinda French… French Toast.

    As for Canada, I defer to Robin Williams:  “Canada is like a loft apartment above a really great party.”

  • Ellie 05.06.09 @ 1:54pm

    And it’s a son of a bitch when your an American visiting France and you’re trying to call America and the French are such butt-faces that they don’t bother even helping you.

    What butt-faces.

  • tricky pete 05.06.09 @ 1:37pm

    wow i really need to stop being so trendy and go outside.

  • tricky pete 05.06.09 @ 1:07pm

    That was actually part of the 1912 agreement with Canada. They can use our country code, and we get to use their sports teams, comedians and pop singers… Now excuse me, while I go back to my Bryan Adams records…

  • Shmoe 05.06.09 @ 12:40pm

    USA! USA! USA!

  • Nick 05.06.09 @ 11:57am

    Canada is also #1.

  • Mechafox 05.06.09 @ 11:12am

    From the thumbnail, I thought it was gonna be about Weegee too.

  • Jennay 05.06.09 @ 9:38am

    Is it just me, or does Mike EP resemble Luigi, a la Mario Bros? 

    (Still voting for ya!)

  • Moog 05.06.09 @ 7:51am

    They should make one for every different country code so I will know. America’s country code is number #1 haha… precious.

  • BiggerJ 05.06.09 @ 6:44am

    i love the french!

  • Bonegina 05.06.09 @ 5:31am

    Look at that pathetic Frenchman attempt to match our level of patriotism, waving that dinky little flag around. 


  • Jeff 05.06.09 @ 5:17am

    Damn right we’re #1

  • Kwonster 05.05.09 @ 10:08pm

    First! WOOooooo number NO!

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