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It appears this semen...(sprays semen all over face)...is I have semen on my face. Yeeah.


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  • linh1212 05.17.14 @ 2:01am

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  • blake 12.25.12 @ 11:55pm

    Lets see more Pauly P!

  • Ryan Johnson 08.25.12 @ 6:41am

    haha hilarious!


  • seeman 08.21.12 @ 12:32pm


  • Danny 08.20.12 @ 1:54pm

    this happens every once in a while to me.

    “what’s this in the shower drain??? It’s all semen!”

  • kalvynevans 08.20.12 @ 1:36pm

    There’s also no sign of injury. Lots of blood, but no injury.

  • Inigo Montoya 08.16.12 @ 12:14pm

    Michaels performance in this is outstanding!

  • JimmyTherapist 08.15.12 @ 11:04am

    Who is that lady, and why haven’t we been properly introduced?

    Also, semen. Semen everywhere.

  • kalvynevans 08.14.12 @ 11:38pm

    There’s no seamen? Call the Navy.

  • Maggerz 08.14.12 @ 8:58pm

    Saw the title. Got super pumped for a Chico PSA related 5SF. . . . .But there wasn’t one.  . . . . . I admit myself disappointed.

  • Shenanigans! 08.14.12 @ 4:44pm

    Hopefully neither Brian or Dan are involved once the UV lights start shining on the scene of the crime.

  • Pastor_of_Muppets 08.14.12 @ 4:36pm

    WHAR IS SEMEN?!?!  WHAR?!?!?!

    /sorry, no ideas today
    //I give this video four buckets.

  • kingofchico 08.14.12 @ 2:42pm

    ...or is it the greatest place to live!?!?!?!?!!?

  • tron 08.14.12 @ 2:16pm

    Do we need to go DEEPER!?

  • BMDNERD 08.14.12 @ 2:11pm

    Chico is a terrible place to live.

  • NugFog 08.14.12 @ 10:40am

    Semen is the number one ingredient in Kelsey’s World Famous Diet Brownies.

  • The Maestro 08.14.12 @ 8:45am

    This is the grossest one.

    I give it three unidentified fluids.

  • bigsoph 08.14.12 @ 6:16am

    Cole Sear:I wanna tell you my secret now.
    Malcolm Crowe: Okay
    Cole Sear: I…semen

  • Matchstickman 08.14.12 @ 5:47am

    No semen? Sounds like someone left Officer Sminkle alone at the crime scene

  • Cloven 08.14.12 @ 5:46am

    oh…..god. Oh…...god! *dry heaves* it’s even in the lights!

  • padurn 08.14.12 @ 5:41am

    These things happen when the Coast Guard gets a day pass.

  • Here's the thing,... 08.14.12 @ 2:56am

    Cop: The vic’ is Lois Lane, she’s a reporter for the Daily Planet, 29 and single. Looks lke she was killed with a shotgun, but get this, there’s an exit wound the size of a fist in the small of her back, and no entry wound Figure that out, Quincy.

    CSI:  There appear to be traces of semen in the wound. And in fact, on the opposite wall.

    Cop: ...When we fiind this sick bastard, I want two minutes alone with him in the box.

  • Here's the thing,... 08.14.12 @ 2:50am

    Well, Frank, looks like something wicked this way…

    *puts on high-impact semen eye-shield*



    *...because fuck you, that’s why.

  • Gamegeneral 08.14.12 @ 1:04am

    Hm. Five comments in and no *Reads video description* ...C.S.I. Jokes.
    We’ve reached a singularity, folks.

  • Cherub Cow 08.14.12 @ 12:52am


  • Foole 08.14.12 @ 12:38am

    Wait until they put that room under a uv light. It’s going to light up like the sun!

  • meisterchardin 08.14.12 @ 12:20am

    The semen is strong in this one.

  • ibs2pid 08.14.12 @ 12:16am

    When is it not semen?

  • Hackandballsack 08.14.12 @ 12:08am

    It is the semen that binds us.

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