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One o'clock, clock-a-rock, Block-a-bawk-bawk! Four o'one, two-bakka-bawk, Kawkabawk-six! Rockin' clock, clock-a-rock, three-a-Clock-fawk!


  • TheDew 01.24.13 @ 6:30am

    Isnt that the reason why farms have roosters?

  • Man Solo 02.11.12 @ 12:55am

    The sound the rooster makes has me ROLLING.

  • NaNkU 01.07.12 @ 10:34am

    Do it you Chicken

  • Rick Dick 10.30.11 @ 6:28pm

    @d-reade You just made my day

  • d-reade 08.23.10 @ 2:02pm

    looks like someone’s…
    (puts on sunglasses)

  • MineTruly 01.24.10 @ 6:51pm

    Martha is sick and tired of all his waffling!

  • ODLogan 11.30.09 @ 11:38pm

    That rooster is such a clockbawk… or something.

  • Stevie-G 11.04.09 @ 4:17pm

    LOL the pussy should kill the cock… that is so wrong.

  • david 09.26.09 @ 10:30am

    i lol’d hahaha

  • the one and only... 09.15.09 @ 2:04pm

    whop…pssssssh (whipped)

    and btw, my access code is “came69”

  • Beige 09.05.09 @ 7:19am

    This is what i imagine married life is like for jamie hyeneman, except instead of a rooster its a killer robot who occasionally loves, or a genetically engineered lizard which crows at 6 am for an alarm clock substiture

  • Miyon 09.04.09 @ 8:29pm

    That was great. And I agree with Peeler. I’m just replaying the rooster part over and over.

  • Earthbreaker 09.03.09 @ 11:43pm

    Put a stomping 2-step drum beat behind that rooster, and you’ve got the next bananaphone!

  • taylor 09.03.09 @ 11:21pm

    ...i’m doin it, i said i will… phhhh

  • James 09.03.09 @ 4:49pm

    Tom Peeler makes a valid point. That person should also be a vocalist for some kind of musical group.

  • That Guy 09.03.09 @ 1:46pm

    the world is full of cocks, pussies and assholes….

  • Kevin 09.03.09 @ 1:01pm

    I agree with Mister Peeler.

  • Tom Peeler 09.03.09 @ 12:09pm

    Whoever is making that noise coming out of the rooster deserves some type of large, metallic prize.

  • Uninvited guest to a 4 year old's birthday party 09.03.09 @ 10:19am

    Sometimes you gotta be called a pussy to fuck over a cock. Simple psychology.

  • Jess 09.03.09 @ 7:19am

    Talk about henpecked husbands

  • Choklar 09.03.09 @ 1:25am

    Hahahaha! YESSSS!!!!

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