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Some therapists' schedules are just too full to have individual sessions with the kids and the dads. For those people, there's another option. Bring your coupon in on Father's Day and get a free shirt.


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    He shouldn’t take it too personally. Those kids aren’t real anyway.
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  • Richard 02.22.13 @ 9:33pm

    Now I’m a MAD DAD.

  • Tristan 06.22.12 @ 10:35am


    The cat pillow brings the whole video together. I need it.. Any ideas on where to find one?

  • Jerm 06.21.12 @ 11:12pm

    Egad Lad

  • Burrr 06.21.12 @ 8:08pm

    Would have been funny if in the next shot from the therapist’s perspective, there’s nobody next to him

  • Mr Fist 06.16.12 @ 8:58am

    Dr. Seuss, leave them alone!

  • Andy 06.16.12 @ 8:21am


  • Shenanigans! 06.15.12 @ 9:51pm

    This is the makings of another 5SF sitcom, isn’t it.

    I still want to see more episodes of The Princess & The Poppa.

  • I'm Quall 06.15.12 @ 8:38pm

    Wanna meet that dad. Do the do-do!

  • petsinwinter 06.15.12 @ 4:17pm

    @jason it says “behind this t-shirt is one great dad

  • Jonathan 06.15.12 @ 3:50pm

    He shouldn’t take it too personally. Those kids aren’t real anyway.

  • Jason 06.15.12 @ 1:50pm

    Whats the shirt say?

  • conowitz 06.15.12 @ 12:13pm

    Do the sad dad dance.

  • Enigma 06.15.12 @ 11:38am

    Egads, these lads had a mad dad in bagdad, I’m a tad sad despite my rad grad…uation dinner. You guys have got some nads.

  • ibs2pid 06.15.12 @ 8:58am

    This video made me a glad dad.

  • Pastor_of_Muppets 06.15.12 @ 8:43am

    Could be worse, could be a C-C-C-COMBO BRREAKER!!

    Nah, just kidding.  He’s got decent taste in clothing; good thing or he’d be a Plaid Dad.

    /I give this video five French Biplanes

    //So he can be a SPAD DAD

  • the_nozzle_poots 06.15.12 @ 6:56am

    Cad of a dad.

  • hajinclady 06.15.12 @ 6:40am

    Hey, I’m glad you’re my dad. ‘Cause I’ve got a rad dad. Not one of those mad, sad, bad dads. If your dad’s not a cad you should be glad, ‘cause hatin’ on dads is just some stupid fad.

  • Kris 06.15.12 @ 5:30am

    I broke my iPad

  • JimmyJimmy 06.15.12 @ 2:44am

    I’m in Bagdad.

  • padurn 06.15.12 @ 1:45am

    I’m a sad fad.

  • unknowntbeast 06.15.12 @ 12:47am

    He’s a dad rad.

  • The Children 06.15.12 @ 12:39am

    He’s a bad dad.

  • Man Solo 06.15.12 @ 12:33am

    I’m a sad dad.

  • Man Solo 06.15.12 @ 12:32am

    I’m a rad dad.

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