Death Ray from Space

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  • Andrei 10.17.14 @ 4:19am

    It is know that cats are pretty smart,  but altough this true fact, this one doesn’t seem to really understand where that light comes from. Still a funny video, with a beautiful cat.

  • Dany 10.16.14 @ 11:27pm

    This is really funny but although poor cat!
    Thanks for the video!

  • gooten 10.02.14 @ 11:20pm

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  • TheDew 01.24.13 @ 6:33am


  • Testking 70-663 07.06.11 @ 1:50am

    his is awesome stuff, its sweet to be in the know.

  • Qually 09.11.10 @ 7:55pm

    Those damn lasers, Thundercats, Hoooooo!!

  • Anom 09.11.10 @ 6:28pm


  • chimera 04.26.10 @ 4:35pm

    awwwwwwwwwww hes adorable!

  • jen 03.23.10 @ 8:47am

    this must be why my cat won’t play with one of those stupid lasers from the store… it’s not a SPACE laser.

  • the one and only... 10.05.09 @ 4:57pm

    6!!! SECONDS!!!

  • ant 09.29.09 @ 4:51pm

    hahahahah someone should tell that cat that that laser is from space and isnt actually something you want to chase because haha it might blow up cats arms

  • ARISEL 09.14.09 @ 8:25pm

    Still operation mistletoe and operation mistletoe deux is both very funny

  • ARISEL 09.14.09 @ 7:38pm

    funny i didn’t suspect a cat

  • Jai 09.13.09 @ 11:43am

    He could use a regular laser pointer… but using a laser from space just has class, you know?

  • Jams & preserves 09.11.09 @ 3:51pm

    Awwwww! Isn’t science cute?

  • Signe 09.10.09 @ 1:00am

    Made me lol

  • Emma 09.09.09 @ 2:55pm

    The second the laser came down to the cat, I burst out in the smile of all smiles.

  • oh no its guy 09.09.09 @ 2:53pm

    shouldn’t it sound more like, PSSHHHuu!! PSSHHHuu!

  • Uninvited guest to a 4 year old's birthday party 09.09.09 @ 11:43am

    Basement cat gets another win

  • Jim 09.09.09 @ 11:29am


  • moog 09.09.09 @ 10:48am

    Hahaha… a moment of adorable cuteness before DEATH!!!!!!!! MUHAHAHAHA!

  • tricky pete 09.09.09 @ 10:07am

    OMG!!! KITTIES!!!!

  • Brian 09.09.09 @ 8:38am

    Whoops, there’s a 2-second The End on this. My bad?

  • Dan 09.09.09 @ 8:36am

    The “the end” screen feels like it takes a second longer… lolwat

  • Lucky Cynic 09.09.09 @ 8:01am

    SHUT UP GUYS! There is a value added bonus of a 1 second film added into this 5 second film.

  • That Guy 09.09.09 @ 7:41am

    6 seconds!!!!! bullshit i’ve been dooped

  • EddieVonBatman 09.09.09 @ 7:38am

    9 seconds?!?! But its always been 8???!! I CAN’T TAKE THIS!

  • ME 09.09.09 @ 5:21am

    If you have two lasers and cross the streams, will it make the cat a dog?

  • Earthbreaker 09.09.09 @ 3:38am

    Fantastic smile

    But was he TRYING to laser a cat?

  • Jeff 09.08.09 @ 11:37pm

    That cat almost got got.

  • Jess 09.08.09 @ 11:10pm

    By death, the mad scientist is referring to the neurons responsible for impulse control at the front of the poor kitties cerebral cortex.

  • First 09.08.09 @ 11:06pm


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