December 31, 1941

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Hey, c'mon. It's the year she went into hiding, not the year, she, you know. Either way, I cannot WAIT for the Summit Entertainment remake of the Anne Frank story, with vampires instead of Nazis and blogs instead of diaries. Take that, "Vampire Diaries."


  • tkwqoehkiqm 12.03.16 @ 1:16am

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  • Space_Nerd 04.13.14 @ 4:57pm

    @pangea:  WHAT?!  Are you serious?!  Helen Keller was the one who was blind and deaf!  Anne Frank is COMPLETELY unrelated!

  • kingofchico 11.22.12 @ 1:30am

    that was the year she went to Briarcliff…

  • JayJoe 03.30.12 @ 10:12pm


  • Alan 01.28.12 @ 3:04pm

    Ohhhh Nooooo ...

  • Grader 01.24.12 @ 3:34pm

    And do not forget that you look not only from the American Community

  • Grader 01.24.12 @ 3:33pm

    You are joking are not well! Did you know that has passed through the Slavic people at this time. And if you do not want the problems of mass media in Russia, then delete the video!! It is in your best interest! And before you joke like that world history must read.

  • Kelly 01.18.12 @ 4:57pm

    Not okay

  • jwalk 01.06.12 @ 9:38pm

    i love how they dont care who they offend,
    fuckin hilarious

  • pangea 01.06.12 @ 4:29am

    Fake. Everyone knows Anne Frank was blind and deaf.

  • J 01.03.12 @ 1:53pm

    @Rogue Deviant

    If she got a diary for Christmas, then she would have written, “Those Nazis sure don’t like those Jews, do they?”  And that would have been it.

  • Katy LM 01.03.12 @ 9:14am

    I really think was in poor taste. I can’t believe 5SecondFilms would stoop this low, An’ Frankly, I’m disappointed in them.

  • jwalk 01.01.12 @ 11:22pm


  • theon 12.31.11 @ 1:06am

    blody black humor

  • Oxnard 12.30.11 @ 4:03pm

    Its a shame she was deaf mute.

  • BlueJones 12.30.11 @ 2:27pm

    The room doesn’t look enough like the Netherlands almost 2 years into the Nazi occupation.  The Dutch didn’t have French style white bread, for one.


  • Rogue Deviant 12.30.11 @ 1:34pm

    I might’ve just had her dad say “I think you’re right, Annie,’ and put up a festive banner behind them saying ‘Happy New Year From The Franks.”

    But then, the comments would likely all read ‘I don’t get it.’

  • Rogue Deviant 12.30.11 @ 1:31pm

    She was all excited because she got a new diary for Christmas.

  • 5dollarfootlong 12.30.11 @ 12:26pm

    Too soon?

    Too late, methinks.

  • Fabribso 12.30.11 @ 12:18pm

    Kelsey in 40’s clothing. MWROWR!

  • ibs2pid 12.30.11 @ 12:08pm

    one of the best in a while ROFL

  • Mels Bells 12.30.11 @ 11:48am

    OOOhhhh, the girl’s name is ANNE FRANK!
    I thought he said “Anthrax”...

  • 12.30.11 @ 11:17am

    /obligatory response.
    /what i want to say
    that made my day.

  • zambo. 12.30.11 @ 10:48am

    @WooWooSwag YES! Neutral Milk Hotel reference FTFY!

  • WooWooSwag 12.30.11 @ 10:26am

    Now she’s a little boy in Spain, playing pianos filled with flames.

  • HaroldJohanson 12.30.11 @ 6:24am

    Wow…just, wow.

  • Jingleheimer 12.30.11 @ 5:17am

    Hoho, she thought it would be a good year, but actually it was a time of immense human suffering on a scale too literally too enormous for the mind to encompass. Just like the year before, and just like the year to come. Happy new year everybody!

  • padurn 12.30.11 @ 3:38am

    I think Anne Frank is a pigeon.

  • Mr Friday 12.30.11 @ 2:10am

    Last 5sf of 2011 and this is what we get? Shame on you!

  • Thor- Axe 12.30.11 @ 1:21am

    Jeeves, now THAT is bold! lol

  • Cherub Cow 12.30.11 @ 12:46am

    And so it was. And so it was.

  • Matchstickman 12.30.11 @ 12:40am

    That’s a keeper!

  • ITI 12.30.11 @ 12:15am

    I gasped, then I laughed, then I cried.

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