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Jesus remembered this kid from way back, when he tried to rob a bank with his dad and got off with a light sentence. It marked the last time Billy would be tried as a minor. In fact, it marked the last time Billy anything. Sorry, that's all I got.


  • Tokenafro 12.24.11 @ 8:41pm

    Continuity in my 5SF? Hell Yes.

  • TheDarkNerd 12.23.11 @ 4:36pm

    What, no Jaywalking? I swear I saw him cross the street at a no-pedestrian-crossing area when he was fleeing the cops.

  • Alex 12.23.11 @ 2:04pm

    Looks like you’ve been naughty, so I am going to hand this over to my associate knife-christ here.

  • Rogue Deviant 12.23.11 @ 12:18pm

    “Mommy, how can Jesus be in Billy’s chimney at the same time I saw him in church?”

    “Ummm,...that was one of Jesus’ helpers, sweetie.’

  • Rogue Deviant 12.23.11 @ 12:14pm

    Give us this day our daily DEAD!

  • padurn 12.23.11 @ 9:40am

    I love little baby Jesus! He’s way more hardcore than that other Jesus.

  • Michael 12.23.11 @ 6:22am


  • A Non-Ymous 12.23.11 @ 5:19am

    I don’t think Jesus came down the chimney, so much as he was waiting inside the entire night.

  • Mels Bells 12.23.11 @ 3:43am

    Our Lord Jesus skimmed his blade across Billy’s tender flesh.  The action woke the boy.  Surprise melted into terror in his eyes as Jesus grinned, his pearly whites flashing in the light….

  • Man Solo 12.23.11 @ 2:13am

    At the last moment, I swear I hear Jesus grunting.

  • Man Solo 12.23.11 @ 2:12am

    “Ho Ho Holy crap. You better handle this one, Jesus.”

    New holiday catchphrase.

  • Rick 12.23.11 @ 12:02am

    Looks like billy’s flesh and blood are going to be served at jesus’ next supper

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