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Cthulus are standing by. Don't delay!


  • fgdfgdfg 11.27.14 @ 8:38am

    i noticed brian behind him i need an award now

  • TheDew 01.21.13 @ 9:37pm

    Hes a demon!

  • Foole 10.05.11 @ 3:20am


  • Duuuude 02.22.11 @ 2:29pm

    When you pause when he turns demon, theirs a even scarier demon behind him. It even looks more ugly and stupid than the first one.

  • Hich17 11.03.10 @ 2:10pm

    Holy smoke…  Didn’t realize until today that Jon Worley was the long-haired guy in the early films.  My head just exploded.  Now I need a demon to get the blood out of my carpet.

  • Grae 09.20.10 @ 8:39am

    Cthulhu.. close.

  • vigorous anal sex 09.19.10 @ 8:18am


  • Derf 09.18.10 @ 5:33pm

    LOL! The last couple of seconds were awesome.

  • The Sentient Houseplant 07.19.10 @ 12:20pm

    It even gets out goats blood!

  • Kuwlio 07.09.10 @ 12:16am

    LOL! I love how Brian’s the devil in the background. He looks hilarious

  • fatman 06.26.10 @ 10:06am

    If u pause it when hes breathing fire, theres a demon behind his head

  • In Soviet Russia 05.01.10 @ 9:04pm

    There are so many screwed up things with this video. Here are a few, outside the obvious, $9995, soda? wine? goats blood?, and how do you buy that? Selling your soul?

  • Zackgold 04.12.10 @ 9:46am

    we need more jon worley videos!

  • Yoxo 03.31.10 @ 9:02am

    its one of the AWESOMENESS and BEST short videos i have ever seen, i really love the editing when he transforms into a demon for a second, really good job

  • CHHH 03.23.10 @ 8:06pm


  • Gildylocks 03.12.10 @ 10:54am

    Shut up, bka. Favorite.

  • Stevie-G 02.19.10 @ 3:47pm

    Great for Soda, Wine, and Goat’s blood.

  • monorail 01.24.10 @ 9:36am

    Fuck Tim &  Eric. 5sf rocks.

  • Herring! 10.23.09 @ 2:51pm

    misspelled cthulhu

  • CPUSA member 10.16.09 @ 11:29am

    LOL!! bottom text, “Cthulus are standing by!” Fucking love the H.P Lovecraft refrence!!

  • Griffmanr 08.19.09 @ 8:36pm

    I saw it more as a tim and eric reference…

    And an utterly brilliant one.
    Still probably my least favorite infomercial video

  • Emily Brougher 07.28.09 @ 2:38pm

    Lazy Horse Mattress.

    And I guarantee you’ll hit the hay the second that your head hits the matre-

  • bka 07.27.09 @ 5:54pm

    Tim and Eric rip off :/

  • z̞̦͕͊͆̒̐͛̉̀͟å̧͓͒͆̀͊͊ͫ͢͠l̔ 07.24.09 @ 8:53am

    Į̻̝̫̳͙̪ͭ̋ͤ͟’̢̜͔̰̳̦͉̓́ͥ̎̒̾͌͜ͅM̺͉ͫ͒ͨͥͭ ̢̫̰͎̞ͪ͛̑̔A͙͉͖̙̲ͮ̈́ͥ͘͟ ͚̮͍̝̠̺̗̉ͦD͖̼̰̼̗̱̻̰͖̂͗̌ͯ̓̏̋͋́͘Ḛ̣͖̩ͫ̂ͤͪM̵̨̰̰̪̯̃̉ͯ̆Ō̺̈́̏̉̒͌͠N̡͖͉̼̩̣ͪ̅͘͘

  • Buttered Toast 07.23.09 @ 5:23am

    But that’s not all!  *Please allow 6-8 weeks for delivery, offer not valid in some states.  Same-day delivery available to residents of NJ.*

  • tim wareheimer 07.20.09 @ 10:30pm

    tim and eric rip off.

  • Hich17 07.19.09 @ 7:00pm

    By the way, guys, MAJOR points for referencing Cthulu!

  • man living in your sink 07.19.09 @ 5:42pm

    give us your soul and pay no shipping and handling charges!

  • lolFurry 07.17.09 @ 7:49am

    Hahaha- Brian in the backround
    I like how he doesn’t even explain the “product”

  • Weather Man 07.16.09 @ 10:48pm

    This year’s forecast: A stain worth $119940?

  • man living in your sink 07.16.09 @ 9:47pm

    well that explains his other products

  • moog 07.16.09 @ 9:24pm

    Oh… so it does. hailsatan22

  • moog 07.16.09 @ 9:23pm

    Yes but can it get rid of goats blood. child73

  • jubbs 07.16.09 @ 2:24pm

    Call now and we’ll double the evil!

  • Holy shit 07.16.09 @ 1:44pm

    woah, when Jon exhaled the fire I swear to God Brian was in the background behind him with horns…awesome!!!!

  • Shmoe 07.16.09 @ 1:12pm

    The 5SF Network Is Not Responsible To Any Deaths & Damnations That May Occur When Using This Product

    hahah awesome

  • RealJonWorley 07.16.09 @ 10:48am

    And Billy Mays is an angel… it’s a yin/yang situation.

  • Sithos 07.16.09 @ 10:08am

    Bitchin. That’s all there is to say

  • That Kanadian Guy 07.16.09 @ 9:10am

    must have made a deal with the devil (brian) to clean up the blood stains after killing that hooker and flipping the baby

  • Hich17 07.16.09 @ 9:08am

    LOVE the Jon Worley ones.

      And, a special appearance by Brian!

  • Punjar 07.16.09 @ 8:50am

    It should have been 12 payments of $666

  • Weather Man 07.15.09 @ 11:22pm

    only the breath of god can lift this curse..
    QUICK -

  • Lucky Cynic 07.15.09 @ 11:12pm


    Truly a Demonic curse!

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