Digging to China

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Last week, they found cherry bombs in a kid's shoes at the airport. There's a connection here, but you won't hear about it from the bought-and-paid-for, pro-children media.


  • btjagrwon 12.01.16 @ 5:23am

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  • Justin Time 02.12.13 @ 4:25pm

    Once again 5sf keeps referring to me in their videos.  I don’t even have anything to do with these videos! It’s a little confusing.

  • Dakota Robinson 04.24.11 @ 5:52am

    HAHAHAHA omg this video made me laugh for like 20 mins the first time i saw it

  • Kevin B 04.15.11 @ 5:05am

    awesome. my personal fav.

  • ibs2pid 12.28.10 @ 10:24pm

    This is how any movie with a kid in it should end.

  • Radoslav Bruichladic 12.20.10 @ 10:31am

    Nucular… It’s pronounced nucular!

  • SputNik 12.19.10 @ 8:19pm

    the return of Brock Fronklin!

  • SputNik 12.18.10 @ 8:56pm

    This. Was. Amazing. LOVE IT!

    Such a clever parody!

  • ashin kusher 12.17.10 @ 4:01pm

    Was that shovel floating!?

  • obscurerreference 12.17.10 @ 8:18am

    Never tell your plan to the one person who can stop you. Every supervillian seems to make this mistake.

  • funky2000 12.16.10 @ 11:26pm

    super win

  • Aderas 12.16.10 @ 11:09pm


    Justin Time is a time traveling delinquent (Aka child44) set on advancing the Chinese agenda.

    It looks like the jig is up this time- but he’s obviously faking his own demise.

  • mvslice 12.16.10 @ 9:36pm

    was that Brock Froklin?

  • OneRandomEncounter 12.16.10 @ 8:40pm

    That little bastard…

  • Lotus 12.16.10 @ 8:16pm

    This is old48… LOL JK, but seriously who is this Justin Time?

  • bradferd 12.16.10 @ 7:43pm

    son49 of a bitch.

  • Carlos 12.16.10 @ 1:07pm

    Many a children have been buried in the Rousselet backyard.

  • Name45 Witheld 12.16.10 @ 11:47am

    Inform the White House91, operation “No Child Left Behind, The Shed In The Yard With Thermonuclear Secrets Digging With The Wrong Type Of Shovel To China In Order To Trade Military Secrets.” Has been accomplished.

  • Wintery Mix 12.16.10 @ 10:10am

    love how the kid is clearly awake and smiling his ass off. best one in a while, keep it up 5sf!

  • Justin Case 12.16.10 @ 8:19am

    Burn the body.

  • Herp 12.16.10 @ 8:03am

    I would investigate the Navy on this one. Notice the blue camo.

  • C-Pain 12.16.10 @ 6:54am

    OMG that was hilarious I lol’ed so much

  • Jathrax 12.16.10 @ 6:21am

    Really? You think the Chinese could’ve built89 something effective with a blueprint of that caliber? Hell, I say let ‘em try; if the mathematical formulas are in any way represented by the spelling, I think the problem would fix itself.

  • Lite 12.16.10 @ 6:08am

    That was simply21 the best antiterrorism film I have ever seen

  • Medium Ben 12.16.10 @ 5:27am

    Nice, another Little Ben classic.

  • Matchstickman 12.16.10 @ 5:27am

    The kid spontaneously heals the bullet wounds to his chest and you’re worried about Nucleur Secrets?

  • Tom 12.16.10 @ 5:07am

    Who is this Justin Time?!
    Second video where he is mentioned at the end.

  • whoa 12.16.10 @ 4:50am

    so full of win

  • Grae 12.16.10 @ 4:11am

    LOL.. good Job keeping the western lifestyle safe from those commie pinkos.

  • wheresmyhouse 12.16.10 @ 3:19am

    Of course, that agent will have quite a laugh when he finds out that digging straight down will lead you to the middle of the ocean, and shooting the kid was unnecessary.

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