Don’t Cross The Streams

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And they've both got a huge business presentation in ten minutes! How on Earth can they sell the Nagatomi Corporation on the new merger if they've suddenly become much more attractive versions of themsel...oh, well never mind. Looks like Christmas is coming early!


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  • TheDew 01.21.13 @ 9:33pm

    Id make out too

  • Man Solo 02.10.12 @ 1:43pm

    I want to make out. 8)

  • motley 08.27.11 @ 10:47pm


  • Tak 03.06.11 @ 11:02pm


  • Mark 11.13.10 @ 9:14pm

    liv is garth algar

  • Brian 09.05.10 @ 10:09am

    I watched some of these videos hoping they would be good. Oh well.

  • Jonathan 08.03.10 @ 8:49am

    YES! Bill + Ted guitar solo xD

  • MorbidPuppies 07.26.10 @ 9:41pm

    Wait, Christmas is coming early. Which one is Christmas?

  • sara 07.20.10 @ 10:11pm

    haaaaaawwwwt lawlz
    definitely a fav ;]

  • Arnster 07.19.10 @ 11:22pm

    I wonder what’s Kelsey’s holding then…

  • S. 03.05.10 @ 5:35pm

    HAHA the guitar! Loove it.

  • MineTruly 02.17.10 @ 3:58pm

    Sure, CollegeHumor did it, but CH’s version was really stupid. The 5sf version is funny.

    I think a lot of people hear the phrase “don’t cross the streams” and automatically think of dudes urinating. I know that’s the first thing that comes to MY mind.

  • jack 11.02.09 @ 3:51pm

    Wayne’s World Party

  • swashbuckler 07.31.09 @ 10:09pm

    Don’t get me wrong, there’s nothing wrong with a good swordfight. But, why would you cross the streams IMMEDIATELY after your buddy warned you not to? Party foul, dude…

  • shoveit 07.23.09 @ 9:29pm

    @OMG. Yes we’ve been through that already… the collegehumor one sucks… we know.

  • OMG 07.23.09 @ 12:19pm


  • PissyGuy 07.20.09 @ 10:41pm

    piss iz delicious.

  • ur FACE! 07.18.09 @ 11:53am

    hilarious. i mean could college humor pull that off in five seconds? I THINK NOT! haha but no really good one of my favs I WIN simply54

  • lolFurry 07.17.09 @ 7:53am

    Ghostbusters reference ftw

  • shamil 07.14.09 @ 4:14pm


  • SuperKev 07.10.09 @ 11:29am

    Yeah seriously, I’m just glad she finally grabbed her national monument boobs. Love 5sf! Love the girls! Love the blonde! the boobs!

  • WaimpaPampa 07.09.09 @ 9:26pm

    taylor. Waimpa agrees. Pluz, Grevion, them is not understand how make girl appreciated, cuz its like, never touched one. nope. i even heard it on the internetz., plus u not think 5sf funniey, cuz, your humor sense no existence. BONERZ.

  • taylor 07.09.09 @ 1:54pm

    lets all stop fighting and enjoy the beauty of the two girls… gorgeous even in mens clothing

  • Grevion 07.09.09 @ 10:25am

    is this guy for real…?

    Waimpa, you overuse the letter z and capital letters… and yes, you do point to faster evolution, just watch Idiocracy or even “Evolution” by KoRn and everyone will agree with you ^_^

  • WaimpaPampa 07.09.09 @ 9:16am

    Hich17 - U use numbrz in your name in a forum that has fewer then 100 commentrrz that makes you not worthy of me loLing cuz i didnt but anywayz thankz for thinking im kinda funny but just because I point to the truth of dominance and faster evolutionz.

  • Hich17 07.09.09 @ 6:27am

    WaipaPampa - your subtle, ironic humor is accepted and appreciated, but does not quite warrant a “lol”.

      PS - my phrase is “Anything69”.  I declare myself the winner.

  • WaimpaPampa 07.08.09 @ 10:21pm

    5sf fans are sometimes lotta retards. dumbz. komment smart or keep it in ur panz.

  • Zombie 07.08.09 @ 9:04pm

    Don’t cross the brraaaaaaaaaiins….

  • moog 07.08.09 @ 9:00pm

    Oooooh! Snap from Jimmy Rabbitte!!
    LISTEN TO FRANK ZAPPA!!!!!!often64

  • BigTwinkie 07.08.09 @ 8:29pm

    I saw that vid on college humor too… and it sucked balls. 5sf was waaaaaay better.

  • Jimmy Rabbitte 07.08.09 @ 8:21pm

    So…you’re saying that College Humor did this video, but it was probably much, much longer, had a different punchline, featured different actors, and was their usual brand of not-very-good?

  • icansee4miles 07.08.09 @ 6:40pm

    dude college humor did this video a few weeks ago, they just didnt turn into chicks at the end

  • Shmoe 07.08.09 @ 2:52pm

    hahah hilarious

  • Earthbreaker 07.08.09 @ 1:52pm

    Kick Ass!

  • Your Biological Father 07.08.09 @ 12:15pm

    I wholeheartedly agree with SuperKev.  It appears that the 5SF team reads the comments and gives the people what they want!

  • SuperKev 07.08.09 @ 11:14am

    Sigh, finally! She grabs her boobs, 5 STARS!

  • jubbs 07.08.09 @ 9:47am

    dumbfuck was skeptical at first, but 5sf appears to have won his heart. Results21

  • hmmm??? 07.08.09 @ 8:05am

    Lol. You wanna make out?

  • man living in your sink 07.08.09 @ 6:47am

    a big Ghostbusters reference if anyone knows pop culture

  • Jimmy Rabbitte 07.08.09 @ 6:28am

    References to my two favorite eighties comedies in five seconds. (And a veiled Die Hard reference in the description?)  This one’s a winner.

  • Dan 07.08.09 @ 6:27am

    Was that a bill and ted guitar riff at the end? Beautiful.

  • dumbfuck 07.08.09 @ 4:19am

    that 1 was good

  • Manfred 07.08.09 @ 3:42am

    The guitar riffing at the end really raises this masterpiece up to a new level

  • Sam 07.08.09 @ 1:44am

    My favorite part is they’re peeing in the same toilet.

  • Lucky Cynic 07.08.09 @ 12:35am

    That’s hot.

    Kinda ironic too, since my captcha code secret word is “Straight53”

  • FIRST 07.07.09 @ 11:13pm

    nice lol

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