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Contrary to popular belief, you can't get killed in the war from letting a draft in. It's being in close spaces around all those other cooped-up soldiers that actually does it to you.


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  • John 09.28.14 @ 2:07am

    At least it was a draft and not a paper

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  • TheDew 01.27.13 @ 10:11am

    DO IIIIT!!!

  • SputNik 10.21.10 @ 10:23pm

    a brilliant pun I have to say

    great music too!

  • Terence 08.22.10 @ 6:50am

    This reminds me very very much of Monty Python.

  • Beremy 04.23.10 @ 11:16pm

    Hahaha, the old lady’s expression is awesome.

  • Some dude 03.13.10 @ 2:20pm

    Very Pythonesque. Pythonesque!

  • Minnesota Mike 02.12.10 @ 6:19pm

    Go Twins.

  • Penis 01.31.10 @ 11:46am

    At least it was a draft and not a paper.

  • The Kyle/Bad Touch 12.19.09 @ 10:06am

    Does Brian say “gosh I’m ready to die now”?


  • CG 12.16.09 @ 12:36pm

    Go Twins ... and as Marc said someone should plug in the Watson.

  • Gooooble 12.15.09 @ 8:11pm

    They should make pudding

  • Shrinkie Dink 12.15.09 @ 8:10pm

    They should become more aware that it’s the thought that counts.

  • Craigggggg 12.15.09 @ 8:09pm

    they should have an oreo cookie

  • Tom 12.15.09 @ 8:08pm

    They should balance a fishbowl on something.

  • Marc 12.15.09 @ 6:46pm

    They should plug in the Watson.

  • Wolverstein 12.13.09 @ 11:54pm

    that guy is good at being old and female.

    btw Alfred cunningham set your system date to 1970 and do the google thing again %)

  • BDS 12.13.09 @ 6:56pm

    Go Twins!

  • Alfred cunningham 12.13.09 @ 6:11pm

    ok listen everybody. go to google, then just press “im feeling lucky” it’ll blow your mind. repost this everywhere

  • Hes16 12.12.09 @ 2:42pm

    She’s just hiding from the draft!

  • Kaikydelan 12.11.09 @ 5:35pm

    Granny’s got one heck of a 5 O’Clock shadow!

  • little paul in BIG OHIO 12.11.09 @ 2:31pm

    YES. YES. YES.union96

  • Arabian 12.11.09 @ 10:32am

    You know what you should do is make another video, using the same footage of “shut the door…” and then have a bunch of basketball players trying to get in.

  • Arabian 12.11.09 @ 10:31am

    I don’t get it.

  • Erik 12.11.09 @ 9:58am

    @JimboWales - Yes! Check out our facebook page: http://www.facebook.com/5secondfilms
    It will be coming soon.

  • NeonSpaceman 12.11.09 @ 6:02am

    That was pretty great

  • Saikyo Mog 12.11.09 @ 4:30am


  • Kaidou 12.11.09 @ 12:07am

    One time a draft got in my apartment through a mouse hole. Thankfully they got stuck.

  • Jim 12.10.09 @ 11:17pm

    excellent use of the “Stripes” theme, might i add

  • Lucky Cynic 12.10.09 @ 11:16pm

    Damn drafts drawing up my heating bills.

  • Jimbo Wales 12.10.09 @ 11:07pm

    this is great. you guys should hold a 5-second film contest for us loyal viewers.

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