Dream Therapy

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On the plus side, that was her last free session before she'd have to start paying regular visitation fees, so this kinda all worked out in the finish. "Finish" being the entire world.


  • olknxso 12.05.16 @ 8:47pm

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  • Teja 05.11.12 @ 7:06am

    neee yama jeevitham…......

    kya hey rey ismai?


  • so_high_right_now 05.05.12 @ 9:47pm

    I accidentally super glued my hand to my face, little bit of help please?

  • MRI_chalk 05.01.12 @ 7:00pm

    At least now she knows to look on the bright side! But then, hell, she should’ve been a son! A patient like that can really BURNish a psychiatrist’s reputation! He’ll be a rising STAR in his profession in no time!

    That kind of therapy really plumbs the depths of one’s SOL! Oh, who am I kidding. Therapy? More like THERMapy!

    Whew, good thing I don’t write the jokes for this joint, or I’d be FIREd!

  • bartender 05.01.12 @ 6:22pm


  • Pastor_of_Muppets 05.01.12 @ 5:55pm

    I give this video four strangely erotic dream sequences where I’m standing on top of a pyramid and thousands of naked amazon women are screaming and throwing little pickles.

  • AfroStorm 05.01.12 @ 5:42pm

    The explosion came out of nowhere, she even shot her gun at it. She then relized that she has been fighting these explosions for some time now. “Are my dream’s reality? Wait… How many levels deep am I?” Dreamception.

  • Paulocaust 05.01.12 @ 3:00pm

    Directed by Michael Bay.

  • McPenisberg 05.01.12 @ 2:29pm

    Brian as a therapist? More like the rapist…

  • Dick Steel 05.01.12 @ 1:59pm

    perhaps you should stop obbsesively watching Lonely Island music videos and you wouldnt have dreams like this… who am I kidding, watch on!

  • Hush 05.01.12 @ 1:54pm

    God bless you, Santa

  • The guy with the funny hat 05.01.12 @ 10:08am

    Fly into the sun!
    Now I’m dead!

  • nero femme bot 05.01.12 @ 9:06am



    *derp face*

  • Aaron Pressman 05.01.12 @ 1:13am

    Silene Capensis….. Drink that as a tea and I guarantee your next 5sf about dreams will be 10x better.

    My rating for this one… meh.

  • ibs2pid 05.01.12 @ 12:44am

    Well that is at least better than the burning sensation when I pee.

  • Mr. Reginald B. Earleyburd 05.01.12 @ 12:06am

    Top o’ the morning to ya. Might I say it is rather sunny at these wee hou… oh my…

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