Engaging The Enemy

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A memorial service was held for him later that evening. Everyone in the platoon attended, except for him, because he was out picking a caterer for the wedding. Which was so lame.


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  • Felix 12.03.13 @ 7:14am

    I saw it, it is for sure really good! website

  • dead.juice 02.27.13 @ 8:19am

    I was playing CoD, and got an 8 streak engagement going and called in the Orgy.

  • Scott Pilgrim 01.31.13 @ 3:18pm

    9fag has copied this.

  • Tim 10.27.12 @ 2:43am

    Yea, but this was before video game high school I’m pretty sure.

    Also, Brian was in vghs

  • deven 06.27.12 @ 11:58pm

    okay just sayin’ but thats the set they used in video game high school, just sayin’

  • Daniel 06.25.12 @ 7:14pm

    Bahaha this is how I want to propose

  • Esben 06.14.12 @ 11:41am

    Can’t keep watching it over and over again!!

  • Steliosaa 06.12.12 @ 12:46am

    @Ben Morris It is easy to do with visual effects software. Especially if you are at Gnome School of Visual Effects smile

  • Anna 06.07.12 @ 11:24am

    I just saw this in episode 5 behind the scenes of VGHS, hahah i love this!

  • Forest Gump's Premature Ejaculation 05.28.12 @ 10:09pm

    Canada vs. Mexico: Whoever wins, we lose.

  • Ben Morris 05.24.12 @ 7:20am

    Question: how did you do the bullet hits in the ground?

  • Pete 03.14.12 @ 6:22am

    US Marine pattern utilities, Canadian flag, unidentifiable 4-chevron shoulder insignia, and AK-47’s—just wow.

    But well played lady and gents!

  • Mohamed 03.07.12 @ 11:50am

    Sorry to say but Samsung 12 hexadecimal diitgs 07088120410C0000 pwgen-samsung.pyWindows binary DIDN’T WORKwhen you put the code, and press enter, the programm close the windows in both options

  • Rogue Deviant 12.11.11 @ 7:22am

    This comment is dedicated to the bravery of Brian ‘Frenzy’ Firenzi, who took a bullet for the others later that day in the Battle of the Best Man.

  • J-Dawg 12.10.11 @ 1:46pm

    Mexico Vs. Canada
    A war everyone predicted.
    Except people from North Dakota.

  • Rogue Deviant 12.09.11 @ 6:13pm

    @Kalvyn Evans: Are you saying Brian got his tongue frost-fused to Zeus’ horse-taint?

  • Man Solo 12.09.11 @ 4:39pm


  • Adrià 12.09.11 @ 2:29pm

    Marriage… Marriage changes everyone…

  • Kalvyn Evans 12.09.11 @ 1:59pm

    It was all well and good until the wedding. A firefight broke out during the ceremony, and Brian got his tongue stuck to an ice sculpture. We don’t even want to say what it was a sculpture of. (It was a classic greek image of Zeus mounting the bride in the shape of a horse.)

  • Nick 12.09.11 @ 1:55pm

    The real joke here is that Canada has an army.

  • TheDarkNerd 12.09.11 @ 1:13pm

    Wait, what? Isn’t the standard service rifle of the CF the C7? What the hell are they holding?!

  • Rogue Deviant 12.09.11 @ 11:14am

    Incidentally, where did you find that bombed-out shithole to shoot in? I don’t recall seeing it in any of the other 5sf’s.

  • Rogue Deviant 12.09.11 @ 11:11am

    War, huh, Good god, y’all, what is it good for? Finding true love, apparently.

  • Rogue Deviant 12.09.11 @ 11:10am

    *‘offer’, I meant. Idiot.

  • Rogue Deviant 12.09.11 @ 11:09am

    Actually, a 5sf might be a cool way to off a real proposal.

  • ibs2pid 12.09.11 @ 9:35am

    This is a lie!  Everyone knows the Canadian Army goes into battle atop the majestic moose wielding nothing but diamond edged hockey sticks!

  • Srgt. Fan 12.09.11 @ 7:21am

    Well done my friends

  • Jeremy 12.09.11 @ 6:56am

    @Crimson By pointing out that you wont scream first, you basically just screamed first.

  • Cloven 12.09.11 @ 5:46am

    As a Canadian, I must say I was not aware that we were at war with Mexico.  Oh well, cheap Coronas for all!

  • padurn 12.09.11 @ 2:54am

    You guys have real guns.

  • Mels Bells 12.09.11 @ 2:34am

    I must say, spectacular play on words. Bravo to the film makers catering to my short attention span…

  • The Future 12.09.11 @ 1:59am

    There will be a war between Mexico and Canada. The US will have already not existed for a millennium.

  • Crimson 12.09.11 @ 1:52am

    oh hey cool, this one was just recently posted. I won’t do anything stupid like scream “FIRST!” I will however say that that was very strange timing. also, fine work once again 5secondflimpeoples.

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