Etiquette Class

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However, it is customary to take the 30 milligrams of 2C-B from the dealer on your left (and ONLY your left), so on that front he did quite well, even if he did it 20 minutes before class started.


  • jcfpqjn 12.06.16 @ 5:45am

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  • Cocy 09.23.12 @ 6:11am

    i respect your work.I love your work.-Me gusta- your work =)).LOL this is incredible how dafuq can they do something like this?? I watch every day every video :O.
    1:Who is that man???
    Plz tell meh raspberry

  • reallyhigh atm 06.26.12 @ 3:16am

    Those jokes are really funny, when you actually are high, because then they seem to be meta-jokes about your manner of experiencing the world.

  • JakeHojo 06.25.12 @ 1:01pm

    takes a real man to admit he doesn’t give a fork

  • Cherub Cow 06.24.12 @ 7:59pm

    Is brent really just Brian, trying to make an awkward Olivia/Kelsey following happen on 5sf for Maria? Brian, just let it happen organically. People like bacon; do a 5sf with Maria and bacon in some context. There, comedy gold. Emmy plz

  • Ian 06.23.12 @ 11:59am

    @SeldomCommentor Half-right.  She’s Maria, Brian’s girlfriend.  Olivia is elsewhere on the site.  She’s blond and American.

  • SeldomCommentor 06.23.12 @ 11:16am

    @brent She’s Olivia, Brian’s girlfriend. So don’t get your hopes up lol

  • Lunatic 06.23.12 @ 10:03am

    My forks don’t want to be picked by me, that’s why I always use a spork.

  • brent 06.22.12 @ 9:44pm

    Someone please tell me who that girl is. She’s freaking beautiful.

  • Pastor_of_Muppets 06.22.12 @ 2:34pm

    I reviewed this video with my pinky extended…. and running naked down the street to get away from the giant cactus demon.


  • Ian 06.22.12 @ 12:59pm

    Good performance by Brian here.

  • Simon Domingue 06.22.12 @ 11:37am

    THIS kind of drug?

  • Dick Steel 06.22.12 @ 8:52am

    They are all so cute, I cant choose.

  • padurn 06.22.12 @ 5:50am

    Eventually, he’ll only see spoons.

  • Mels Bells 06.22.12 @ 5:02am

    OMG!! I’M ON DRUGS TOO!!!!!

    Get Michael in her so he can Americanize her…

  • Matchstickman 06.22.12 @ 4:33am

    As a kid in England I was taught
    “If during dinner you fancy a fight, always remember the knife’s on the right”

  • Sven Otis Scott McGillicuddy Tate Jr. 06.22.12 @ 1:51am

    What a twist!

  • Cherub Cow 06.22.12 @ 12:31am

    The problem with talking silverware is that they’re all liars.

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