Everyday Dubstep

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Before you die, you see the empty scenester hype.


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  • Chris 09.03.13 @ 9:02pm

    “Guys, guys. I figured out what dubstep is.

    It’s a crappy trend that disguised itself as a music genre so everyone had something to listen to when the metalcore trend died out!

    Now that that’s out of the bag, we can all go back to listening to music that doesn’t suck.”

    What a poor, sad, confused individual you are.

  • Oren 09.11.12 @ 10:38pm

    Muse’s new song Madness has stolen your ideas… seek revenge!

  • Jeremy 12.14.11 @ 2:17pm

    Anyone notice in the hills have dubs, that as john is running for the door, he is also at the table in the background?

  • Jeremy 12.05.11 @ 7:33pm

    Seriously the more i watch it the more creeped out Kelsey becomes for me.

  • Jeremy 12.01.11 @ 10:36pm

    Oh and ummm…..green416? Oh and um, sunglasses,yeahhhhhh,douchy mcdouchebag.

  • Jeremy 12.01.11 @ 10:35pm

    Where Kelsey pauses dancing until paul looks over and starts singing is great

  • heath 10.08.11 @ 11:18am


  • Kronos25 10.05.11 @ 7:31pm

    what is this? I don’t even.

  • IwantBRIAN 09.25.11 @ 8:39pm

    When I realized that was Kelsey, I about pooped myself laughing!

  • Tarnished 09.22.11 @ 7:15am

    Another example of Music genre bashing from people who don’t understand the genre in the first place.  All musical genres can be mocked with a quick sound bite paraphase.

  • Edward 08.25.11 @ 6:21pm

    I’ve just decided that if I ever have unwelcome visitors at my door, I’m just going to start talking in dub-step and see how long it takes before they run away.

  • Come on. 08.25.11 @ 3:11am

    Look Worley, call Boston Cream Pie “not cake” all you want, but if I was promised the great pie in the sky, and when I got to heaven God handed me a boston creme pie, I’d throw that false confection right in his fucking face.

  • hrng 08.24.11 @ 10:14pm

    Guys, guys. I figured out what dubstep is.

    It’s a crappy trend that disguised itself as a music genre so everyone had something to listen to when the metalcore trend died out!

    Now that that’s out of the bag, we can all go back to listening to music that doesn’t suck.

  • kyjortin 08.24.11 @ 4:44pm

    and also, what is the song?!

  • Rainspirit 08.24.11 @ 12:53pm

    This is pretty much my favourite 5-second FILM-FILM-FILM-FILM-FIFIFIFIFIFI

  • General Kenobi 08.23.11 @ 12:48pm

    A Nightmare on Dub Street was the best. I cried for 3 hours after that.

  • Daniel ACE Liuzzi 08.22.11 @ 5:01pm

    Kelsey was like the girl from the Ring!

  • Desvairada 08.22.11 @ 4:00pm

    Randomly going into dubstep doesn’t seem so bad-bad-bad-bad babababababababababababa…

  • Coyle 08.22.11 @ 3:20pm

    dubstep and dub are two different genres…

  • Cloven 08.22.11 @ 9:52am

    The cake is a pie.

  • Family Plan-an-an-an-an-ning-ning-ning-ning-ning-n 08.21.11 @ 7:36pm

    Is that a pregnancy test in Dawn of the Dub? What’s with that?

  • Dub-What 08.21.11 @ 2:04pm

    I have no idea what dub step is, but this is my favorite 5sf in a while. I just keep watching it over and over. I don’t think I’ll be able to stop anytime soon.

  • Zerifino 08.20.11 @ 8:58pm

    Is Kelsey dressed up as Skrillex? or Bassnectar?

  • 1.WubsProphet 08.20.11 @ 5:28pm

    When the bass drops, a new age of Dubpocalypse will begin!

  • Oh man... 08.20.11 @ 1:53pm

    RIP Skrillex, killed by wasps.

  • RustyShakleford 08.20.11 @ 10:46am

    Wait does that guy have a Fear and Lotathing visor?

  • Miles 08.20.11 @ 2:23am

    boo spammer, get thee to the archives
    teleporting worley at 0:36?

  • Rowas 08.20.11 @ 1:59am

    Wow. That was the funniest one I’ve seen in a long time. Thanks 5sf for making me laugh at 1 in the morning so hard it made me choose between hurting my ribs in stifling my laughter and waking up my parents while applauding your ingenuity… all in 5 seconds. :D

  • HUH!? 08.19.11 @ 9:17pm

    @Worley 9.99 for a cake that size?

    That sounds like a good deal.

  • DLM 08.19.11 @ 7:51pm

    K-Gunn steals the show in this one.

  • worley 08.19.11 @ 6:36pm

    it was a boston creme PIE, guys. not cake, but cake-adjacent. i bought it at Von’s for $9.99.

  • What? Wait... 08.19.11 @ 3:49pm

    He said “pie”, but it was a cake…

  • PakoKadenas 08.19.11 @ 3:09pm

    SHITTT, took me a while to realize the dancing guy is Kelsey! hahahha!

  • teh_nozzle_has_pooted 08.19.11 @ 12:46pm

    In the spirit62 of appearing hip, I will not mention my unfamiliarity with this “dubstep”.

  • Sadness 08.19.11 @ 9:02am

    Kelsey at 00:28 is the scariest thing I’ve ever seen. I just want to smash my car58 into it.

  • Ryan 08.19.11 @ 8:48am

    This is without a doubt the greatest thing I have ever seen

  • Matthew Perry 08.19.11 @ 8:23am

    Paul’s a real student99 of dubstep.

    I think.

    Honestly I have no fucking idea what dubstep is.

  • Cloven 08.19.11 @ 8:07am

    stupid malfunctioning robots trying to make us listen to their crummy music

  • Mr. Q 08.19.11 @ 7:30am


  • Dani 08.19.11 @ 7:03am

    Can someone tell me or link the 5sf CSI??

  • Brad Pun 08.19.11 @ 6:34am

    does anyone else notice brian DEAD in the back of the hills have dubs?

  • Brad Pun 08.19.11 @ 6:32am

    this is secretly terrifying.

  • Matchstickman 08.19.11 @ 6:31am

    And isn’t it a cake?

  • Matchstickman 08.19.11 @ 6:29am

    I bet this would be funnier if I knew what sort of cultural phenomenon dubstep was.

  • ZaftigGal 08.19.11 @ 5:47am

    Is it wrong that I’d rather73 listen to dubstep than Justin Bieber?

  • padurn 08.19.11 @ 4:56am

    I get it now.

  • MildPsychedelic 08.19.11 @ 2:17am

    Lol @Kelsey

  • TheONLYchuck 08.19.11 @ 1:30am

    i guess this guy *puts on sunglasses* has dubbed his last step Y-Y-Y-YEAHHHYEAHHHYEAHHYEAHHH Y-Y-Y-Y-Y-Y-Y-YEAHHHYEAHHHYEAHHHHHHHHH!

  • Disco 08.19.11 @ 1:17am

    I officially love to hate to love dubstep.

  • Dr. Geek 08.19.11 @ 12:30am

    That’s no guy. That’s Kelsey!

  • ibs2pid 08.19.11 @ 12:19am

    long haired creepy guy…. /shudder

  • Schneidy 08.19.11 @ 12:11am

    this is EXACTLY what dubstep did to me and my family

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