Family Heirloom

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These are the time-honored memories any parent treasures. The sharing of stories. The passing on of loved objects. The 50cc injections of thorazine while strapped down to a table.


  • Cocy 09.19.12 @ 2:12pm

    i respect your work.I love your work.-Me gusta- your work =)).LOL this is incredible how dafuq can they do something like this?? I watch every day every video :O.

  • melanie 09.07.12 @ 1:57am

    Should’ve had Clint Eastwood starring in this one. Ha!

  • rhiga 06.10.12 @ 3:46pm

    Is it Bummer Week again?

  • Stacy 06.07.12 @ 7:26am


  • kalvynevans 06.05.12 @ 11:43pm

    Yes, he would have been a perfect Hunter S. Thompson. However, Hunter and Depp ended up becoming close friends, so it all works out in the end.

  • Ian 06.05.12 @ 4:28pm

    DAVID KOECHNER. 5SF keeps astounding me with the awesome celebs they get.

  • Enabsflow 06.05.12 @ 2:15pm

    It’s American.

    Whammy indeed.

  • Dick Steel 06.05.12 @ 11:48am

    It is realy cool that you guys got Donny in here.(Larry the Cable Guys retarded neighbor)

  • Pastor_of_Muppets 06.05.12 @ 10:14am

    Better his Mental Illness than his Double Herpes.

    /I give this video four imaginary friends

  • alexdhenley 06.05.12 @ 9:56am

    so far the videos this week have caused a facepalm and a “oh boy…”

    can we call this Facepalm Week????

  • franks1no 06.05.12 @ 9:34am

    thats metal

  • Thomas 06.05.12 @ 9:31am


  • Here's the thing,... 06.05.12 @ 8:41am

    Fuck Johnny Depp. Am I the only one wondering why Dave Koechner hasn’t played Hunter S. Thompson?

  • Here's the thing,... 06.05.12 @ 8:39am

    Y’know, this could amost have fit in with ‘Bummer Week.’

  • Crindy 06.05.12 @ 8:23am

    Also, I demand to know why there was not a special birthday 5sf for me today. The world should revolve around ME!

  • Crindy 06.05.12 @ 8:22am

    David Koechner looks so old now…sad day.

  • padurn 06.05.12 @ 8:09am

    Any time someone hands me a watch, I assume it’s been up their ass or it will soon be up my ass. That’s why it is good to make sure it is not encrusted before accepting it.

  • HeWhoSmeltIt 06.05.12 @ 6:15am

    Family Hairlooms

  • nick 06.05.12 @ 5:07am

    Anchorman is an awesome movie.

  • Michael 06.05.12 @ 4:31am

    So if the mental illness will be passed on to the boy, and the boy doesn’t exist, will the boy and the illness cancel each other out?

  • Gorlac 06.05.12 @ 4:17am



  • Jess 06.05.12 @ 4:00am

    Did you guys raid the set of Anchorman 2 for this?

    Or… What? I just can’t figure out how 5SF manages to get all these big-name stars.

  • Mental Illness Man! 06.05.12 @ 1:28am

    Mental Illness Man’s finds it hard to love his son since hes never seen him before due to his invisibility power.

  • Riley Horne 06.05.12 @ 1:23am

    Fuck yes, David Koechner!!!

  • Kimmykix 06.05.12 @ 12:24am

    Baldness is a mental illness?

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