Family Picnic

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Sometimes you just get a few items on your to-do list mixed up. And you happen to be holding the bread knife while you're doing it. It's perfectly natural.


  • pksrqtmak 12.01.16 @ 10:22pm

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  • TheOnlyChuck 08.04.12 @ 12:09am

    Who wears a suit to a family picnic? thats my question.

  • Bob 08.02.12 @ 10:05am

    What’s in the picnic baskeeettt?????!!

  • Count Ejacula 08.01.12 @ 9:32pm

    If she isn’t going to lick that cherry syrup off of her hands I will.

  • kalvynevans 08.01.12 @ 2:03pm

    It keeps sounding like she says “Where are the pants”. Where are the pants? Are we calling kids ‘pants’ now?

  • punky ruinster 08.01.12 @ 1:53pm

    i can’t help but see henry rollins.

  • Pastor_of_Muppets 08.01.12 @ 9:29am

    So… Dessert First, then.

    /I give this video four peed-on sandwiches

  • Cherub Cow 08.01.12 @ 7:28am

    That’s what happened to my *last* family..

  • Mr Wednesday 08.01.12 @ 2:07am

    Now I understand why my parents so often chose to come after me with a knife lately. A slice of watermelon does feel good in this weather.

  • padurn 08.01.12 @ 12:34am

    This shouldn’t ruin a picnic; ants ruin a picnic.

  • Shotty 08.01.12 @ 12:01am

    Thank goodness the watermelon baby is fine.

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