Family Arcade

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Level 2 gets exponentially harder, where you start having to hide adult magazines under the couch. The robots just instantly know. You start to resent them.


  • TheDew 01.27.13 @ 9:49am

    Almost makes me cry….

  • Ells Bells 03.08.11 @ 8:10pm

    Wow, a hidden gem. I want to see a full length feature about this…

  • JU5SF 07.26.10 @ 9:50pm

    I think it’s will be Kinect…

  • that 1 guy 07.01.10 @ 10:40am

    Ben is my favorite in the cast of 5sf

  • gw crawford 05.10.10 @ 1:24pm

    Wow, that kid is a great actor! Seriously, everything he has been in on this site shows he is a natural in front of the camera

  • Yellow Rose 03.31.10 @ 4:13pm

    It’s kind of deppressing…. it’s funny how five seconds can trigger the strongest emotions

  • Morpheus 12.20.09 @ 12:19am

    That’s so messed up…


  • Prihipal 11.20.09 @ 9:35pm

    thats sad

  • annie 11.14.09 @ 9:52am

    i love how the dad rips the newspaper apart!

  • rastamussen 11.12.09 @ 4:05pm

    he knew it was a mistake to upgrade his robot family to windows 7

  • Stevie-G 11.12.09 @ 3:50pm

    I-i ummm I dont gat it.

  • ME 11.12.09 @ 4:58am

    Yeah, shouldn’t he have a blaster or something?  Where’s the Hyperspace?


  • the one and only... 11.12.09 @ 3:39am

    so sad for little ben… his real family was taken by the monsters under his bed.

    also, Kelsey-bot!!!

  • Pain 11.12.09 @ 2:30am

    The amazed and turned on part being of course at the prospect of having ones own Kelsey bot.

  • taylor 11.12.09 @ 1:11am

    wow- a little creeped-out, amazed, and turned on at the same time.

  • butte 11.12.09 @ 1:02am

    That’s when everything changed…

  • Morpheus 11.11.09 @ 11:12pm

    OH GOD

    He’s playing this because his real family doesn’t love him….

  • The Other, Other Brian's best friend's cousin twic 11.11.09 @ 11:04pm

    Let me be the first to say:

    “What the fuck?”

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