Fantasy Football

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For those of you wondering why the Dungeon Master is throwing the dice, this isn't Dungeons & Dragons. It's Fantasy Football, and he's the General Manager.


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  • TheDew 01.27.13 @ 10:23am

    You cant do that….that move was against the rules. Suck it up bitch

  • Craig 04.13.12 @ 7:14pm

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  • techwitch 05.22.11 @ 12:10am

    To any of the super geeks out there, this is literally how blood bowl works.

  • Steeler 09.04.10 @ 3:28pm

    Packers sucks!

  • Anonymous 08.28.10 @ 4:22am

    Why has no one else mentioned that the other miniature is a Troglodyte Curse Chanter?

  • Proud 07.29.10 @ 12:40am

    D&D? Packers’ quarterback? Fireballs? These guys blatantly stole from Blame Society Films.

  • football socks 07.24.10 @ 1:16am

    i like watching that women playing, that’s really wonderful

  • Andrew 07.15.10 @ 4:07pm

    everything about this makes me crack up, even after the 30th time watching this… but the way Olivia says “Werewolf attacks!” gets me no matter what.

  • YOU LOSE THE INTERNET!!! 06.17.10 @ 5:06am

    now im sending in a legendary, bus, run them over.

  • jaybird112 06.10.10 @ 8:31am

    @ MZ I might be wrong but I think he says…

    14 yards!! Touchdown!! Yea That’s Right!!

  • Craig Love 04.21.10 @ 2:48am

    Obviously not D&D(R) orAD@D (R) because there’s a woman playing and none fo the guys is grossly obese.

  • MZ 04.19.10 @ 7:44am

    osum! but can anyone write here what does Mr. The Main Geek says after “.. counters with fireballs”? i don’t get that… tu.

  • DrakeMagnum 04.14.10 @ 1:19am

    wait, why the hell is there an attractive woman involved? I call foul!

  • Guy in tha bak 04.03.10 @ 8:44am

    On tha contrary…@diman
    You r officially tha biggest fukin tard ive ever seen. Aaron Rodgers is what that guy said. not and rangers come. go fukin kill yorself

  • Guy in tha bak 04.02.10 @ 9:43pm

    Funny shit man keep em coming….......I dont have anything smart ass to say. so go fuk yourself

  • Yellow Rose 03.30.10 @ 5:29pm

    suck on that testastoroine (excuse spelling!!! i don’t know how the fuck to spell Testastaroine!)

  • someguy 03.18.10 @ 8:51am

    It’s too perfect that the “General Manager” is a Packers fan.

  • Fawkes 03.04.10 @ 7:52am

    This was a great idea, but I can’t stand the cliched ‘nerd voices’ you guys used. Ugh.

  • cronin_burger 02.22.10 @ 9:11am

    The film was great, but the comments have made it a true 9, roll a 16 to avoid farve from coming out of retirement, hahaha GOLD!  9/10

  • CurtisSweetness 02.11.10 @ 2:47am

    Oh no! Michael Vick has unleashed his vicious fighting Bugbear!

  • SuperKev 02.08.10 @ 10:23pm

    “Aaron Rosdgerdss coungterdshh widsh fwireball…”

    And yes, Olivia looks AWESOME as a geek!!!!!

  • Rose 02.08.10 @ 1:37pm

    Saints charge in and attack! Touchdown! And the Saints win the Superbowl!

  • diman 01.29.10 @ 11:45am

    - Werewolf attacks!
    - And Rangers come with fireballs!


  • Paul 01.28.10 @ 2:20am

    Music sounded like Namie Amuro.

  • diman 01.26.10 @ 4:44pm

    awesome :D

  • aolodu 01.24.10 @ 5:47am

    jesus saves; you take full damage

  • FantasyRemedy 01.23.10 @ 3:18am

    İs this a greek party or something ::D

  • a-god 01.18.10 @ 11:59am

    I do love me some Aaron Godgers.  no homo.

  • techwitch 01.14.10 @ 9:53pm

    Anyone ever heard of the game Blood Bowl?  It plays literally like that.

  • tomato 01.14.10 @ 8:22pm

    it’s so funny i can’t stop watching it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Some Horrible D&D Geek 01.12.10 @ 5:15pm

    That’s a bugbear, not a werewolf!

    Illegal substitution! 15 yard penalty, 1st Down!

  • Failed Punchline 01.10.10 @ 11:14am

    The captions keep getting better and better

  • ~person~ 01.09.10 @ 9:30pm


  • merk 01.08.10 @ 5:30pm

    best still shot ever

  • Bob 01.08.10 @ 12:55pm

    I can’t even count how many times I’ve watched this over the last few days.  So good.

  • Catch Hurst 01.07.10 @ 8:33pm

    And Aaron Rodgers single handedly led me to the fantasy football playoffs… where he was mauled by a griffin wielding a battle axe.

  • Saikyo Mog 01.07.10 @ 3:58pm

    Good stuff!

  • RTR 01.06.10 @ 9:13pm

    I’ve watched this like 5 times straight. AWSM!!!!

  • dissatisfied 01.06.10 @ 5:38pm


  • eskmsaul 01.06.10 @ 5:23pm

    Love it, haha.

  • SuperKev 01.06.10 @ 1:48pm


    (And now you just heard an excerpt of what I did in my pants.)


  • SuperKev 01.06.10 @ 1:46pm


    (You have just read an excerpt of what I did at my work desk.)

  • ZombieBuffet 01.06.10 @ 12:40pm

    Haha When I first heard the words “Fantasy Football” I assumed it was something like this.

  • =======D 01.06.10 @ 10:55am

    whoa whoa im not finding rodgers in the book

  • RASPUTIN 01.06.10 @ 7:28am

    The guy on the far left looks like he’s crying. Whether in shame or awe, we shall never know.

  • GoPackGo 01.06.10 @ 7:18am

    WooWoo Rodgers!!!!

  • Orc Runningback 01.06.10 @ 4:45am

    Your precious saving rolls won’t save you now!!

  • thenation 01.06.10 @ 3:51am

    and that little stunt gets him into the pro bowl.

  • moog 01.06.10 @ 2:11am

    The gorilla suit kills me haha… gold star, michael e peter.

  • Sanctified 01.05.10 @ 11:43pm

    Gotta roll a 16 to avoid Brett Favre’s coming out of retirement!

  • ... 01.05.10 @ 11:34pm


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