Figure Drawing

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​She got straight As. The other guys got straight Ds. Hey, it's art class, baby: You do the math.


  • Nite 07.31.13 @ 12:16pm

    Err, press 7, actually.

  • Nite 07.31.13 @ 12:15pm

    Press 8

  • KIRBYTIME 07.27.13 @ 6:33pm

    Brian, wtf is in your mouth?

  • Simon 07.22.13 @ 8:39am

    Great video. Excellent timing and use of sounds. Who’s the girl? I like her skull.

  • PJF 07.19.13 @ 12:51pm

    A sounding video already??

  • Nicole 07.18.13 @ 11:59pm

    I thought the same thing! Sock ring!

  • Pastor of Muppets 07.18.13 @ 7:35am

    I have a huge pencil, so I’m getting a kick out of these replies….

    /I give this video five hits of Enzyte and several disappointed glances in the mirror

  • Grantford Alouicious Johnson 07.18.13 @ 5:45am

    GAWD that was hot.  Must’ve been at LEAST 7 inches.  Did you even SEE how high he wears his socks?  Elastic doesn’t lie, those imprints are WAY above the ankle.

  • Ambidextrous tarantula 07.18.13 @ 4:33am

    @Cherub Cow
    Maybe he already has something in his mouth.
    Brain confirmed as a drug mule.

  • Ghede 07.18.13 @ 1:59am


    He is being attacked by the mysterious being known only as phantomcock!

  • Cherub Cow 07.18.13 @ 1:53am


    Yeah… I was wondering if that was some sort of Freudian, erogenous zone activation thing or something. What does Brian want in his mouth? ;p

  • The Real Dr. Wendell Kretzschmar 07.18.13 @ 1:21am

    Wondering how this came about, though. Probably, the guys just had this huge pencil lying around and wanted to use it, so what do you draw with a huge pencil…. first thing that came to mind… - Well, figures.

  • The Real Dr. Wendell Kretzschmar 07.18.13 @ 1:16am

    Donan Whelan! Yay!
    This is one of the 5sfs where describing what happens takes at least 500% of the runtime of the film. Love it.

  • Gilbredth Grillbertherdson 07.18.13 @ 12:28am

    What the hell is Brian doing with his tongue?

  • Cherub Cow 07.18.13 @ 12:24am

    Now she can draw his huge syphilis spots!

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