Flarby’s Secret Weapon

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Just wait til that other family restaurant, Thank Ganondorf It's Friday's, hears about this.


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  • TheDew 01.17.13 @ 2:40pm

    Scumbag triforce taking the whole table….

  • Sedat 05.29.12 @ 9:09am

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  • Alastor 07.06.11 @ 8:15am

    Ramirez! Protect the Flarby’s!

  • Zelda Fan 06.14.11 @ 11:43pm

    Of course the final boss would be Wilford Brimley himself. And the three obligatory items are a ski mask, a crobar, and some Gerudo tools (because those are the thieves of the Zelda series)... We have a Triforce to steal…

  • The Unoriginal 04.29.11 @ 10:41pm

    Flarby was never the same after a young man in green broke in, threw all of the ceramics he could find, and took the triforce.

  • Kyew 01.23.11 @ 6:20pm



  • Brody 08.18.10 @ 8:22pm


  • ModelOZX 07.12.10 @ 2:30am

    @The Sentient Houseplant
    But then some ridiculous plot device comes along and forces you to collect three obligitory items to actually get INSIDE the restauraunt.
    And then there’s the final boss.

  • blocks 06.21.10 @ 5:01pm

    ok someone explain it to me

  • The Sentient Houseplant 06.21.10 @ 7:50am

    Link will be happy to know that this time the tri-force is only in a resturant.

  • gw crawford 05.10.10 @ 1:29pm

    There, I reset your faith

  • Derp 05.05.10 @ 6:00am

    So surprised some asshole hasn’t said something like “LOL YA BUT NEWFAGS CANT TRIFORCE LAWL”.

    My faith in humanity has risen 1 point.

  • Disgruntled triangle toucher 04.28.10 @ 9:18pm

    sure they HAVE the triforce, but can you touch the triforce?
    Maybe that’s why brian’s pissed at it.

  • Unfire 04.08.10 @ 10:23am

    Where is the nearest Flarby’s??  We JUST got a Sonic in New England.

  • SuperKev 02.19.10 @ 6:36am

    Hahahaha, I love Brian’s face…he’s kinda studying it cautiously!

  • olteanu 01.31.10 @ 7:28am

    yeah ok

  • Leslie 01.23.10 @ 9:12am

    I think this is a reference to the Legend of Zelda video game.

  • Bill 12.19.09 @ 12:33am

    OK, I’ll ask the stupid question…  What is the triforce???

  • BobBobman 11.24.09 @ 5:06pm

    What does that mean?

  • Brianz 11.16.09 @ 7:10pm

    @john: thats cuz Brian’s actually Ganondorf

  • Snerg 11.12.09 @ 5:54pm

    HOSHIT. Its Diabeetus man! oh my god. lmao. came98

  • Vurtax 07.25.09 @ 11:51am

    Oh i gotta go there now

  • John 07.24.09 @ 10:00am

    The guy at the table at the end looks really pissed at the Tri-force for some reason.

  • kazhe 06.30.09 @ 3:16pm

    hahah ok?

  • Daniel 04.07.09 @ 12:45pm

    Wow, I got Brian to break kayfabe.

  • Julia Debasse 01.18.09 @ 10:22am

    I just discovered you guys today, at Cracked! I can’t stop watching these movies! Sooo good!

    I also recognized Steve in the background…

    Best wishes from Rio de Janeiro,

  • Sprayette 01.17.09 @ 3:37pm

    Ji Chang, sounds like: “come on down at Flarby’s, we’ve got good ol’ family food, and of course, the triforce”

  • miyon 01.17.09 @ 1:41pm

    HAHAHA Tri-force. took me a min to get that

  • Brian Firenzi 12.08.08 @ 9:14am

    Nice catch, Daniel! “Copperhead Road” is my favorite by Earle, but it didn’t fit the 5sf.

    Speaking to that, it’s not our intention to feature music and not credit the artists. We’re working on it, trust me smile

  • Daniel 12.08.08 @ 3:30am

    Way to play “My Old Friend The Blues” by Steve Earle in the background.

  • Ji Chan 12.06.08 @ 1:53am

    What the hell is he saying?

  • Fonzy 12.04.08 @ 2:57pm


  • matayoman 11.30.08 @ 7:15pm

    soo funny, and why is there a edited in mustache lol. it looks like a ‘meal worm’ uh. lol

  • moogy 11.26.08 @ 10:21am

    Soooo damn funny

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