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Those paper-saving air dryers never get your hands completely dry. Starring Brian McElhaney and Nick Kocher from BriTANicK!


  • ancuta 12.12.14 @ 1:38am

    I don’t even know what to say. Where do you come up with these ideas? Maybe one of you does this kind of things wink

  • the_nozzle_poots 11.02.10 @ 10:02am

    Don’t forget alcoholism.

  • webcam girls 10.21.10 @ 2:05am

    cool i like this site

  • minetruly 09.06.10 @ 10:28am

    Why is it that the ones about gross body functions and the ones about suicide are always the funniest?

  • Arnster 07.12.10 @ 1:14pm

    priceless face on that. must have taken lotsa takes

  • bugs 07.04.10 @ 12:01pm

    i saw him he is a bath room attetent

  • Redphoenix 06.28.10 @ 5:57pm

    They do say urine has ammonia and can sterilize things.

  • MrThePlague 06.15.10 @ 7:10pm

    The smile on Nick’s face and his body language are hilarious.

  • OMG 05.12.10 @ 10:40pm

    yes song “dog days are over” by florence and the machine.

  • moony 05.12.10 @ 8:45am

    song by florence and the machine?

  • Russia 05.11.10 @ 4:29am


  • dmophatty 04.29.10 @ 12:39pm

    BriTANick is awesome….

  • meep 04.20.10 @ 7:40pm


  • Sean Holloway 04.20.10 @ 7:33pm

    I guess he’s *Puts on sunglasses* pissed off.


  • Gaius 04.20.10 @ 7:56am

    This one was filmed in Austin, Texas. Right next to the Austin American Statesman building.

  • Jonny 04.19.10 @ 10:39am


  • Ian 04.16.10 @ 4:12pm

    And this was the day my BriTANick watersports porn collection came into existence.

  • Voiceoftruth 04.16.10 @ 6:45am

    He isin’t blind : he looks straight at the guy peeing and he catches the frisbee in flight.

  • Jeff 04.16.10 @ 5:24am


  • Ben 04.15.10 @ 10:27pm

    Looks like the BriTANick shots might have been filmed separately and edited in. Easy collab.

    Also, nice vid.

  • Ka-Kaw!!! 04.15.10 @ 9:14pm

    Wait, I thought BriTANick was based in NY, and you guys were in LA.  How are you collaborating?

    BTW, it’s amazing, but still…

  • puggsy 04.15.10 @ 7:24pm

    I Believe32 in the golden hand washing system

  • Renato 04.15.10 @ 6:55pm

    ....the fuck?

  • agfgh 04.15.10 @ 1:45pm

    Holy crap! I was never expecting Britanick to show up in a 5sf.

  • obscurerreference 04.15.10 @ 9:30am

    The Meeps shirt guy should have jumped for that… analysis19

  • Cloven 04.15.10 @ 8:41am

    That was a very nice almost no-look catch there.

  • Signe 04.15.10 @ 7:23am

    You know, wherever this is recorded looks just like the Swedish suburb where I live. Reminds me so much of the walking road by the lake, near the dock *flashbacks*
    Funny vid as always

  • Adam 04.15.10 @ 7:14am

    Those were simpler times

  • Wolverstein 04.15.10 @ 7:14am

    throse? THROSE? what is this i don’t even.

  • ME 04.15.10 @ 6:35am

    At least they didn’t show him reaching for the soap dispenser.


  • The SuperestKev of All 04.15.10 @ 6:01am


  • YOU LOSE THE INTERNET!!! 04.15.10 @ 5:44am

    and then the blind guy throse the frisby into the lake. large47

  • Noranda Pete 04.15.10 @ 4:29am

    Golden hand wash!!!!!

  • Jim 04.15.10 @ 4:16am

    i gotta say, as non-sequitor as the Britanick 5sf’s are, i love this new partnership

  • gas mask 04.15.10 @ 3:56am

    i farted.

  • Phillip 04.15.10 @ 3:24am

    Ew, but interesting use of Dog Days.

  • the deej 04.15.10 @ 2:58am


  • Puptastic 04.15.10 @ 2:53am

    haha I love Britanic

  • Failed Punchline 04.15.10 @ 2:43am

    I dare say that the surprise ending was quite the shock to mine eyes.

  • Voice of Raisin 04.15.10 @ 12:43am

    he’s blind so they’re exploiting him.  As for the rest, doubleyew-tee-eff is going on?

  • Matchstickman 04.15.10 @ 12:39am

    Sick. Twisted. Disgusting. Hilarious.

  • wererat2000 04.15.10 @ 12:29am


  • PO-TAY-TOES 04.14.10 @ 11:23pm


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