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There's a Thursday farmer's market down the street that sells this stuff farm-fresh organic, kale-fed and free-range. Most people just hang around and get free samples without buying any baby, so support your local farmer and pay for a plate sometime.


  • Sunny 03.07.12 @ 3:42pm

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  • I Want Brian 06.07.11 @ 12:38pm

    It’s just like A Modest Proposal!!!!!
    Except I could list14 the differences:
      1. 5sf is not in Ireland
      2. 5sf is on the internet, not 1800s pamphlet
      3. Pauly P
      4. Kelsey Gunn

  • Anonymous 05.05.11 @ 4:46pm

    They must be atheists.

  • Edenjoy 05.05.11 @ 4:23pm

    Pretty sure that isn’t legal in this country19.

  • YES 04.27.11 @ 4:36am

    Wow. First off Awesome.

  • BACONSTRIP 04.21.11 @ 2:56pm


  • ACE 04.21.11 @ 8:45am


  • Derrick 04.20.11 @ 1:05am

    Those aren’t noodles.

  • 42uck 04.19.11 @ 8:42pm

    Anyone else notice Walken?

  • Chris 04.19.11 @ 2:05pm

    Little did she know that Paul didn’t buy the baby, it was actually his baby.

  • cronk 04.19.11 @ 12:42pm

    so i guess this means brian was performing at a dinner theater, eh?

  • Matthew Perry 04.19.11 @ 9:11am

    And how11 well would you like your baby done, sir?

  • JK 04.19.11 @ 8:27am

    Does anyone else notice Kelsey gagging at the end?

  • ME 04.19.11 @ 5:19am

    Oh, and in before the pregnancy fetishists comment on Kelsey’s hawtness.

    /you know they’re out there

  • ME 04.19.11 @ 5:18am


    I give this video 4 extra servings of baby.

  • Tomadz 04.19.11 @ 4:07am

    Everything goes with bacon

  • tird 04.19.11 @ 2:19am

    always wanted to be tird.

  • Anonymoose 04.19.11 @ 1:32am

    from the video it looks more like it was barbecued.

  • IcarusReloaded 04.19.11 @ 1:06am

    Did he get it grilled or fried, gotta watch the trans fats.

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