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It all started on a night where it might have been raining and dark and such, when a sexy, smoldering woman (maybe a smoldering man? Will research later) walked in the door. I think I worked there. She was asking about a door. Wait, no, she walked in the door. I was the one asking about the door, because I don't know what a door is. One thing I did know was, I had to take the case. This door conspiracy wasn't going to solve itself.


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    In the Town of Forgetting, a man with memory is king.

  • Jake 01.13.13 @ 5:37pm


  • Jaked and Confused 12.27.12 @ 11:29pm

    Who’s Slim Shady and will he stand up? Who’s Slim Shady? Is he Jake? Am I Jake? Is that you John Wayne? Is this me?

  • BigSoph 12.27.12 @ 10:50am

    What is supposed to happen on this site?

    I clicked a movie but I don’t remember it playing so I guess it didn’t work

    I blame society79

  • Dick Steel 12.27.12 @ 9:35am

    Three questions who am I, who am I, who am I?

  • TheIneptRobustMongoloid 12.27.12 @ 1:07am

    They should start writing messages on their body so they don’t forget what dicks look like.

  • Shenanigans! 12.26.12 @ 9:25pm

    Who are you people and why are you on my computer again? And where are my pants?

  • HaroldJohanson 12.26.12 @ 5:55pm

    This is for Johnny!

  • ujikolsion 12.26.12 @ 5:11pm

    Haha, I used a similar method to repress my childhood.

  • blackle 12.26.12 @ 11:59am

    This reminds me of a friend I had in middle school who, during our period 5 gym class, completely mistook the rules for dodgeball with the rules for basketcaseball. There were no survivors.

  • matchstickman 12.26.12 @ 9:23am

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  • padurn 12.26.12 @ 6:25am

    Jake’s my sister and my daughter!

  • Chadhulhu 12.26.12 @ 3:34am

    Memory is a harsh mistress.

  • Srsly tho 12.26.12 @ 1:54am

    Have I seen this video before?

  • dhamster 12.26.12 @ 12:14am

    I’m sitting in traffic the other day and there’s this truck in front of me, and it has a bumper sticker on it that reads “War is not the answer.”

    And I thought, “Well, it kind of depends on what the question is,” that’s a pretty grand statement. Like if the question was “What is the word ‘Raw’ spelled backwards?” War would be the answer.

    Or if someone says, “Who recorded the song, ‘Spill the Wine?’” War would be the answer.

    So, that was kind of a dysfunctional, a malfunctioning bumper sticker, as it were.

    What were we talking about again?

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