Forgotten Hero

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He was the last of three brothers who all died similarly; Ryan, who took heavy fire at a shooting range on Free Blindfold Day; Jacob, who drowned in his oatmeal at the mess hall; and Peter, felled by the General's spring-loaded prank penknife on April Fool's. Their mother wept openly upon hearing the news, then as she attempted to back out of the driveway and head off to the funeral, drove the car clean through the garage and knocked herself unconscious.


  • Alan 12.02.11 @ 11:29pm


  • Guy 06.10.11 @ 6:14am

    The music is from George Gershwin’s Porgy and Bess; the first few seconds being from the overture, the last three notes being the opening (in the symphonic suite version) of Summertime.

  • Sexi Lexi 06.03.11 @ 8:03pm

    my friend and I watched this over and over again and yesterday i went up to him in the hallway and yelled “grenade!” and he dropped to the floor and made explosion sound effects. ahh good times

  • Different Me 04.20.11 @ 11:47pm

    No wait, if you watch it in HD, you can see it isn’t Mike.

  • Different Me 04.20.11 @ 11:45pm

    “It’s ok, moments after diving on the grenade, the same soldier was up on the hill asking who he saved…”

    Ha ha, didn’t catch that the first eleven times I watched this.

  • Free tip 04.19.11 @ 3:32am

    Forgotten Hero is number one!

  • IhazAlienz 04.17.11 @ 2:27am

    The music sounded familiar

    He didn’t die in vain. *salute*

  • Me 04.15.11 @ 4:15pm

    It’s ok, moments after diving on the grenade, the same soldier was up on the hill asking who he saved…

  • Ellie 04.15.11 @ 1:23pm

    So… member of the Quickdeath family?

  • moog 04.15.11 @ 10:14am

    I want the screenshot as a poster!!!

  • Happy Viewer 04.15.11 @ 9:55am

    Anybody know the name of that last four-note piece of music?  Crazy familiar.  Scifi movie?

  • Matthew Perry 04.15.11 @ 8:48am

    On account71 of his incredible act of bravery and sacrifice in the line of duty, I present him with the Purple Heart.

  • i see now 04.15.11 @ 7:10am

    johnny quick-deaths family tree
    for real41

  • Timothy 04.15.11 @ 5:15am

    Unfortuanatley they were never able to grant his last request.

  • ME 04.15.11 @ 5:10am

    I give this video four and a half flying bits ‘o person.

  • buri-chan 04.15.11 @ 3:03am

    Hey now, it’s entirely plausible that a piece or two of shrapnel could have made its way to them and subsequently given them minor scratches. That man saved the camp from having to resort to Hello Kitty bandages, which would have just killed morale.

    Gotta look at the big picture.

  • Drake 04.15.11 @ 1:40am

    Don’t they mean he was the last of four brothers?  Ryan, Jacob, Peter, and himself ...

  • boopbeep 04.15.11 @ 12:35am

    Is this why he was able to drive drunk?  Wow Nobody, what a way to thank your fallen comrade.

  • Tired 04.15.11 @ 12:31am

    Bruno mars, this one is for you.

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