Fortune Cookie(s)

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Who is printing these fortunes? And why aren't they cut properly? This last bit, as you can imagine, is my major concern.


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  • Dathka Graus 01.10.12 @ 2:02pm

    Is Micheal like, the pervert of the group? His “Teehee” seems to give him away.

  • Jay 12.17.11 @ 8:22pm

    Loved the “J.D.‘s Monorail” over the lesbian bit.

  • StickySam 12.03.11 @ 8:16pm

    “They all have boners.”


  • Michael 11.14.11 @ 5:51am


  • HellaRobin 08.01.11 @ 11:41pm

    Oh man, developing a sizable crush on Ben.

    (ps, just discovered you guys. ya’ll freakin rule.)

  • Hijack 04.17.11 @ 10:28am

    It would have been hilarious, branching off of the dynamite one, if she opens hers and sees “You’re dynamite in bed,” then the other guy opens his, sees “You’re dynamite”, makes a horrified face, cut to the house exploding. :D

  • paulmvr 03.31.11 @ 9:59am

    bow chica wow

  • the one who did it 01.31.11 @ 7:01pm

    Looks like this is how “puts on sunglasses” the cookie crumbled.


  • C-Pain 01.28.11 @ 9:26am

    best 5sfs ever

  • thatguy 01.27.11 @ 10:50pm

    Fourtune cookie shorts need to be a recurring 5sf every mont or so : ) these were great

  • OneRandomEncounter 01.27.11 @ 5:14pm

    #3 and #5 were the best.
    How does #4 make any sense?

  • Sean 01.27.11 @ 3:01pm

    I don’t think I’ve laughed that hard in long time. Wait, I have. Yesterday to one of your videos.

    I’m beginning to see a pattern here

  • What's Doug's Fuckin' Deal? 01.27.11 @ 3:01pm

    I want some Chinese now.

  • Ian 01.27.11 @ 1:45pm

    Apparently “tee hee” is the appropriate response whenever something sexy happens.

  • Whoya 01.27.11 @ 10:33am

    Yeah, it’s the camera. Look between the heads in the reflection. The guy is wearing a gray sweatshirt and is holding it against his stomach.

  • BonerKillz 01.27.11 @ 10:14am

    @vacuum dick
    Really? I’m not seeing the camera reflection there’s a lot of shit in there and usually they’re pretty careful with reflections and mirrors

  • holy shit 01.27.11 @ 10:08am

    The first one is parodying Memento.

  • @Tobey 01.27.11 @ 9:50am

    nobody loves me

  • Tobey 01.27.11 @ 9:21am

    What does he say at the end of the “Everybody knows” one??

  • Matthew Perry 01.27.11 @ 8:50am

    “Everybody knows” is by far the best one.

    But is fortune cookie text usually red97? I always get black or blue text. Hmmmm…

  • antiavenger 01.27.11 @ 8:30am

    *tee-hee* ftw. ‘Nuff said.

  • vacuum dick 01.27.11 @ 8:19am

    I see a camera in the mirror at 00:38. A little amateur, but I’m not complaining.

  • the one and only... 01.27.11 @ 8:03am

    ... to give him his freedom16. i’m on a roll today! a tuna roll… (but that’s japanese, and this is chinese food) shut up!

  • the one and only... 01.27.11 @ 8:01am

    i also got a fortune that said “help! i’m trapped in a fortune cookie factory!” i mean, the evidence32 was right on the paper… and yet i did nothing

  • the one and only... 01.27.11 @ 8:00am

    i once got a fortune that said “warning: do not eat fortune.” i decided45 that was the way the cookie crumbled…

  • Filbert 01.27.11 @ 6:12am

    “Bad luck and extreme misfortune will infest your pathetic soul for all eternity.”

    Oh, fishsticks.

  • ted 01.27.11 @ 4:57am

    hahah good find mr observer, now get on the floor36

  • Yes! 01.27.11 @ 3:31am

    Tee hee indeed.

  • seriousheartburn 01.27.11 @ 2:24am

    easily the best one(s) you guys have put up in a while.

  • observer 01.27.11 @ 2:17am

    I like how, by the time we reach the end, they’ve just given up on hiding the paper strips and scissors behind the takeout boxes

  • wererat2000 01.27.11 @ 2:14am

    too bad if they’re truely lesbian they won’t really have a reason to let him watch.
    y’know, not being intrested in guys and all.

  • Boevis 01.27.11 @ 1:20am

    Looks like someone’s going to have a good night89

  • ya 01.27.11 @ 12:49am

    What cronk said

  • cronk 01.27.11 @ 12:30am

    i haven’t seen him teehee that happily since he got to heaven

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