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Nothing can stop him from spreading a message of hug-filled positivity. Not an awkward encounter with a random stranger on the street. Not a highly-effective, riot-dispersing food product. Down but not out, he will continue to offer hugs. And he'll never charge a single dime. Guest-starring Andrew W.K.!


  • SARATH 10.11.13 @ 5:49am

    This is most wonder of amazing think in This world

  • Firing Hipster 12.25.11 @ 6:19pm

    @conowitz Quit being a mean son of a bitch. You don’t have to troll everywhere. If it’s not positive keep your comment to yourself. Geez, people on the web these days. Why don’t you go say that to her face?

  • Mark 12.08.11 @ 7:25am

    i love it so hard

  • Srgt. Fan 12.07.11 @ 9:46am

    Party Hard 5sf!

  • That_Chad 12.06.11 @ 4:35pm

    Andrew WK is cool. great to see him there.

  • conowitz 12.06.11 @ 3:50pm

    why do they insist i keep on seeing this asian bitches face? shese my least favorite 5sf person.

  • Hahaha 12.06.11 @ 2:54pm

    Andrew WK has been the best person ever since I saw that video of him trolling juggalos.

    A+. Truly, A+

  • joel 12.06.11 @ 10:33am

    Andrew WK is the biggest douchebag, aside from that douchebag singer for Nickelback!

  • Ahmun 12.06.11 @ 1:58am

    Apparently Wal-mart had 20 people wanting free hugs on black friday

  • some guy 12.05.11 @ 8:08pm

    accidentally gave this 3 stars… meant to give it 10!

  • Fuck can't think of a clever name 12.05.11 @ 6:51pm

    This always happens to me… is it bad that I look just like this guy?

  • Father Fisty 12.05.11 @ 6:38pm


    Seriously though, you guys definitely need to do a 5SF with Andrew W.K and the entire 5SF crew PARTYING HARD.

    DOO EET.


    •-• Teehee.

  • why am I here? 12.05.11 @ 6:00pm

    Party-Hard prevention pepper-spray™
    For when you want to party soft, but AWK doesn’t go that speed.

  • wowo 12.05.11 @ 4:57pm

    He must have made a good impression considering how fast she wanted to spice things up.

  • Chris c. 12.05.11 @ 1:20pm

    more videos with maria please. Also Andrew WK is awesome.

  • javalin597 12.05.11 @ 1:06pm

    I meant to say who, not wo

  • javalin597 12.05.11 @ 1:05pm

    Wo is this girl? Is she a new 5sf actor?

  • Bobby 12.05.11 @ 12:25pm

    Yeah, usually I try to diffuse awkward situations with a random offer of free hugs too. usually the same results

  • Jeremy 12.05.11 @ 12:14pm

    She doesnt fit in with 5sf. Im just saying.

  • Rogue Deviant 12.05.11 @ 9:39am

    Unfortunately for him, she’s from England, where ‘free hug’ is slang for ‘spray me in the eyes with mace, if you please, missus.’ It’s lucky he didn’t ask for the time, otherwise she would’ve obliged by stubbing a lit cigarette out on the middle part of his ballsac.

  • That guy in the comments 12.05.11 @ 9:09am

    How did you guys come across Andrew W.K.?

  • TCook 12.05.11 @ 9:08am

    Andrew W.K, why are you so fucking boss? All we need now is to see you partying hard on 5SF and I can die happy.

  • ibs2pid 12.05.11 @ 8:45am

    That definitely did not get that party started.

  • Bonapart 12.05.11 @ 8:21am

    That bitch is… small.

  • 5dollarfootlong 12.05.11 @ 7:23am

    Maybe he should have asked her if she wanted to party. Hard.

    Also, how do I get a guest starring role in a 5sf? I have no acting experience and have been described as “not ugly.”

  • Cloven 12.05.11 @ 7:22am

    She’s actually the daughter of the casual pepper spray everything cop, so it’s not entirely her fault.  What is her fault, though, is the crotch kick that followed.

  • Donut 12.05.11 @ 7:22am

    All he wanted was to give her a hug. And to party.

  • Captan Planet 12.05.11 @ 5:09am

    looks to me like aviators would block pepper spray

  • Mr Monday 12.05.11 @ 3:58am

    Ahh, classic misunderstanding, happens to me ALL the time.

  • Adrià 12.05.11 @ 2:32am

    Pepper-spray ALL the things!!

  • padurn 12.05.11 @ 2:19am

    Mace looks like pee, pee stings like mace.

  • GD 12.05.11 @ 1:09am

    Was that…
    Was that Andrew W. K.?


  • Man Solo 12.05.11 @ 1:06am

    Seriously, though, she started it. The guy was just trying to guess what she wanted (no surprise there, amiright fellas?)

  • Man Solo 12.05.11 @ 1:03am


  • Han Solo 12.05.11 @ 1:03am

    I’m actually glad we’re seeing more of this woman. Keep up the great work, as usual.

  • Han Solo 12.05.11 @ 1:02am


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