Fruit Slam! (With Director’s Commentary)

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For once, we'll let the artists speak about their work in this exclusive, fascinating roundtable discussion about the highly controversial work "Fruit Slam!" With Jon Salmon, Brian Firenzi, and Maria Louisa Walley.


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  • Runaway 06.20.12 @ 8:22am

    I actually believe the video itself is pretty self explanatory without the commentary.

  • Wynston salmon 09.22.11 @ 7:31pm

    ...My last name is salmon too.

  • R8.50Mango 09.28.10 @ 8:54am

    @srsly captchas are fun
    The captchas on this site are generally only one or two words long with only two numbers at the end. Example: mind65

  • srsly captchas are fun 06.27.10 @ 2:23pm

    lol at my captcha: fruitslamowns1337

  • Ohgod 06.05.10 @ 10:40pm

    Needs more suffocating people.

  • Delita 06.03.10 @ 7:27pm

    ive found fruit slam

  • EthZee 04.17.10 @ 5:37pm

    ...Great. Now I’M craving some FRUIT SLAM.

  • Eatintea 03.28.10 @ 7:47am

    The more I watch… the funnier it gets.  Peter Frampton has nothing to do with this video.

  • Snerg 03.25.10 @ 5:08pm


  • Failed Punchline 03.23.10 @ 12:56pm

    good use of 2001: A Space Odyssey music.

    and I believe Maria sounds Australian.

  • Just-A-Peachy-Guy 03.14.10 @ 10:59am

    Did some one ask for a fruit?

  • Zackman 02.20.10 @ 9:57am

    whats fruit slam, and where can i get it?

    sounds like some good stuff you can’t live without….i mean REALLY CAN’T LIVE WITHOUT.

  • MineTruly 02.17.10 @ 6:56am

    I love the pretentious bs modern art interpretation.

    “It’s like he’s suffocating liberal thought.”

    “Sometimes you need to let the art speak for itself.”

  • ALA 02.12.10 @ 8:13pm

    ‘progressively drunker,’ HAHAHA

    oh, and lol at the catchpa: want69

  • tomm 02.12.10 @ 7:57pm


  • Cloven 02.12.10 @ 3:47am

    Is it just me or is the creepy music and head in the bag thing very disturbing, like Aphex Twin’s rubber johnny video?

  • Wellz 02.10.10 @ 3:13pm

    It’s very twitter

  • Nave 02.10.10 @ 2:10pm

    Where is that creepy music from, I know I’ve heard it before…

  • rayge 02.10.10 @ 11:47am

    aaaahhhh, shouldve been longer

  • Uninvited guest to a 4 year old's birthday party 02.09.10 @ 8:33pm

    who’s obama?

  • Justina Bravo 02.09.10 @ 7:29pm

    It’s kinda like Twilight.

  • tuco 02.09.10 @ 7:25pm

    Yes, obviously the bag represent the stifling of the GOP by the plastic bag of the liberal media. The liberals addict troubled youth to “fruit slam”, an artfully crafted metaphor for the temptations of Satan. The careful editing is the spellbinding feature in this ode to the youth and life imitating art.

  • R.A.I.U. 02.09.10 @ 3:31pm

    fruit slam… it reminds me of “I need scissors!!61!!!”
    drunk during the whole process, that explains, quite a few 5sf’, I think…

  • beechcraft11 02.09.10 @ 1:58pm

    John reminds me of Nick Swardson

  • Fruit Slam! 02.09.10 @ 10:39am

    Fruit Slam!

  • Bill 02.09.10 @ 10:10am

    bahahahahahaha “its like a birth”

  • LawlzMagee 02.09.10 @ 8:53am

    @justina bravo wooo there buddy thinking too much into it,the entire video is abt slammin fruit down ur throat without choking its a game i use to play back in my days…

  • Justina Bravo 02.09.10 @ 4:24am

    I think it’s the journey that we, as an audience, enjoy watching.  From the idealistic, somewhat naive youth, we see our hero/villain evolve across the tragedy and triumph to become a lingering question of moralistic and existential embodiment.  That all of this occurs over a brief glimpse is but a reality of the medium.

  • Nickloves5SF 02.09.10 @ 12:58am

    Is Maria English? She sounds pretty English saying ‘what is fruit slam’

    I love the ones that keep getting more funny each time, this is one XD

  • os99 02.09.10 @ 12:51am

    Best Commentary of the Year!

  • TDN 02.08.10 @ 11:18pm

    So glad there was this helpful commentary. I totally didn’t get the video the FIRST time around >.>
    Now, who feels like slamming back some fruit with me?

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