Good Cop, Rocket Alligator

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​It's the oldest routine in the cop book: Got a perp who won't 'fess up? First guy comes in, butters him up with perks, protection, plea deals and reduced sentences. Second guy is an alligator with rockets attached to its back, it doesn't know it got here, and it's hungry. Works every time.


  • jfvdtgifmtc 11.30.16 @ 7:25pm

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  • beer pressure 06.03.13 @ 5:23pm

    well this is one of the ways mk2ultra program worked.  pump people full of acid then scare the shit out of them until they admit they are communist..

  • BigSoph 05.31.13 @ 10:41am

    Not to be nitpicky but the final swoop appears to be a crocodile, not an alligator (you can tell by the jaws)

  • Philistine 05.30.13 @ 10:36pm

    You dip, you squeeze, you roll!

    Do the Alligator Barrel Roll!

  • Nicole 05.30.13 @ 10:04pm

    But seriously…you stole that rocket alligator from The Bloggess’s house, didn’t you?

  • Nicole 05.30.13 @ 9:59pm

    I want a rocket alligator!

  • Eternity Everest 05.30.13 @ 6:47pm

    The “bad” in “bad cop” when applied to a rocket alligator is short for bad-ass.

  • Cherub Cow 05.30.13 @ 6:09pm

    WHOA!!! :O
    That Rocket Alligator effect!!
    I should have paid for the IMAX experience. Well, like Niko Bellic said about hookers, “you buy cheap, you buy twice.”

  • You Sir Are Reading This Outloud 05.30.13 @ 5:59pm

    They must be saving the real table for Dude Bro Party Madagascar Three

  • Ambidextrous tarantula 05.30.13 @ 4:15pm

    Wait, if the comparison is that the other cop is a good cop, then does that make the rocket alligator a bad cop? How can you be a bad cop when you’re a goddamn nightmare-farting jetpacked cold-blooded police employed reptile?

  • D-Lucks 05.30.13 @ 2:43pm

    If you guys have plenty of money left over after Dude Bro Party Massacre 3, I would pay/donate good money to see 5,400 seconds of rocket alligator action.

  • Elyyk 05.30.13 @ 2:21pm

    You might say that was a
    *puts on sunglasses*
    Crock Rocket
    *drops and breaks sunglasses**t….

  • cale 05.30.13 @ 1:42pm

    i don’t know what i expected

  • tron 05.30.13 @ 11:56am

    ...a Syfy Pictures original…

  • BMDNERD 05.30.13 @ 10:41am

    Isn’t that against the law in Florida?

  • Mystiquecon 05.30.13 @ 7:11am

    What animal in 5sf doesn’t have rockets? Dogs, jesus, santa, now alligators. what next? If the hyper intelligent shark people get them, we only have tom watson to save us….

  • LkjAndersen 05.30.13 @ 1:29am

    Dips on Rocket Alligator as a bandname!

  • WhyAmIAwake 05.30.13 @ 12:13am

    This isn’t very believable… I might even go as far as calling this one….

    A crock.

  • Joshua 05.30.13 @ 12:04am

    You guys crock me up.

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