Goodnight Moon

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RIP Neil Armstrong.


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  • Jared 12.19.12 @ 5:42pm

    Relax guys, just go find an astrophysics forum. This is a comedy website.

  • notascientist 11.04.12 @ 5:22pm

    That’s right guys, the moon has no gravity, because it apparently has no mass. And I really do wonder why we haven’t been back to the moon recently… besides all the money that it would cost to return and the lack of necessary research to be done, also rovers are proving much more effective, I don’t think Spirit underwent a vigorous training routine.

  • bigsoph 09.16.12 @ 6:29am

    Okay, the moon landing was quite possibly the largest engineering feat ever accomplished by humanity (well, the Americans anyway)

    Those who claim it never happened on the basis of crackpots claiming “proof” are idiots of the highest order.

    This is called argument from personal ignorance - which translates to “I am too stupid and lazy to be able to figure out how people, smarter and more motivated than me, can do things so I assume that it is all lies and that it never happened”

    Also, the shuttle does not have the fuel to travel more than that. Insider’s argument is akin to saying it is impossible to fly across the United States because no single engine Cessna has ever done it on a single tank of fuel

  • Uberleeto 09.06.12 @ 1:03pm


  • Nicole 08.31.12 @ 9:59pm

    This is the place where I don’t feel alone…this is the place that I call my home.

  • bigsoph 08.31.12 @ 5:18am

    insider, please stop wearing your stupidity on your sleeve
    The US returned several times (Apollo 12 through 17 excepting 13), a scam would have incolved the USSR’s cooperation and lastly, most importantly, more than a half million people were involved.
    If it was faked, it would have been cheaper to actually do it
    Please do not use your own blinkered foolishness to determine your outlook

  • insider 08.29.12 @ 5:23pm

    Don’t let your soft spot be your weakest point.  Van Allen Belt folks. Why else haven’t we ‘returned’ or had a shuttle (or the ISS) travel more than 300 miles above our stratosphere? Don’t be afraid to doubt what you’re indoctrinated with. US gov has been caught in too many lies to be given enough credit. Selah

  • Donald 08.28.12 @ 9:19pm

    @Ben there’s gravity on the moon, still fake, but there’s definitely gravity on the moon

  • Ben 08.28.12 @ 6:13am

    It’s fake.  You can tell that the bubbles are floating up still but there’s no gravity on the moon.

  • captainult 08.27.12 @ 11:41pm

    >dem feels

  • TheOnlyChuck 08.27.12 @ 9:06pm

    If it were up to me it would have been Old English.
    Thats just how i roll82

  • Rayne 08.27.12 @ 6:03pm

    Every day I come here, I expect to see something I’ll chuckle at or roll my eyes at, at least. I wasn’t expecting something like this, and I appreciate you guys for taking the time to pay tribute to Neil in a respectful way. These five seconds were beautiful.

  • Joey 08.27.12 @ 5:18pm


  • Justin Case 08.27.12 @ 3:55pm

    I get all my news from 5sf.

  • Arcturus Kirwin 08.27.12 @ 2:19pm

    This is… actually really touching.

    Thank you, 5secondfilms.


  • SK(FUCKINGSHI) 08.27.12 @ 1:16pm


  • Priest006 08.27.12 @ 12:29pm

    :’( this is what Neil would have wanted

  • alexdhenley 08.27.12 @ 11:33am

    Beautiful tribute. Thank you.

  • j999 08.27.12 @ 10:48am

    some Crazy Horse…

  • Pastor_of_Muppets 08.27.12 @ 9:27am

    In before the “Moon Landings were Faked” crowd….  RIP Neil.

    /I give this video Five Saturn V rocket launches

  • Andy 08.27.12 @ 8:00am

    Oh, man. This is Bummer Week all over again.

  • bigsoph 08.27.12 @ 3:59am

    Okay, you almost made me cry

    Fucky Andy Kaufman, Neil will always be the Man in the Moon

    Hey Armstrong did you hear about this one? Tell me, did you walk in moondust?
    Hey, Armstrong were you talking to NASA? Hey, baby. Were you having fun?
    If you believe they put a man on the moon, man on the moon.
    Then you do have capacity for rational thought, and Armstrong stays cool

  • BSM471 08.27.12 @ 3:55am

    Nice tribute.

  • Man Solo 08.27.12 @ 2:51am

    High Life! Armstrong deserves no less.

  • My name is Ralf 08.27.12 @ 2:24am

    Quite…lovely. A touching tribute, 5sF.

    I give this 5 hankies.

  • Cherub Cow 08.27.12 @ 2:22am

    good work 5sf :’(

  • Oscar 08.27.12 @ 2:12am

    The song is “To build a home - the cinematic orchestra”

  • Oscar 08.27.12 @ 1:24am

    This is really touching, nice work 5sf crew! What’s the song name?

  • Johann 08.27.12 @ 1:10am

    wow.  that’s the first touching 5sf I’ve seen.  nice.

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