Grammar Bitch

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He failed the grammar test, but was allowed to retake the class next semester. "Next semester" being a few hours from now, when she's drunk and has forgotten how terrible a wordsmith he is.


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  • Captain Beefheart 07.03.12 @ 3:15pm

    It’s the zoom. The zoom gets me every time.

  • mattt 05.29.12 @ 7:14pm

    grammar, bitch!

  • Neil 05.28.12 @ 9:16pm

    Bellflower! Holy jeez i knew i recognized you good sir!

  • Bryan 05.28.12 @ 11:50am

    YEY! Olivia’s alive! I thought she was left at Chernobyl…

    Horrible movie, but you were the only part of it I wanted to keep watching, girl! Great job!

  • Vile Lasagna 05.28.12 @ 8:40am

    “Can” and “May” serve identical purposes in the context and are both correct. May is just a bit more formal and, therefore, preferred. /teachermode

  • Roloki 05.26.12 @ 8:46pm

    Awful nice of her to keep him from wasting his money since she wasn’t interested.

  • Trespassers will be shot 05.26.12 @ 12:39pm

    The difference between sentences “Can I buy you a drink?” and “May I buy you a drink?” is lexical rather than grammatical.

  • roberto 05.25.12 @ 10:11am

    Olivia, congrats on Chernobyl Diaries. I’ll see it for your role

  • This Name Isn't A Pun 05.24.12 @ 9:48pm

    Lord Humongous isn’t as smooth as I’ve been lead to believe.

  • Guinny_Ire 05.22.12 @ 1:22pm

    Why is there an end table sitting on the bar?

  • Jin 05.22.12 @ 12:41pm

    something about this video cracks me up, it might be the barkeep or (more likely) i’m remind of my highschool english teacher that i really really wanted to bang..

  • Cherub Cow 05.21.12 @ 11:56pm

    I hung my carpet out to dry on the patio and a trendy bar materialized in front of it. It’s like that time I hung my murder sheets outside and a Police crime scene materialized in front of it. Such a bummer.

  • kalvynevans 05.21.12 @ 10:18pm

    Brunette Olivia. And she’s a bitch. I’m so turned on right now. And I’m using bad grammar just to get her attention.

  • alexdhenley 05.21.12 @ 9:47pm

    i have every intention of using that face whenever i have to call someone a bitch from now on.

  • Mels Bells 05.21.12 @ 5:47pm

    Fuck the grammar bitch, I’ll take Ben…

    over sized mammary glands.

  • Enabsflow 05.21.12 @ 4:23pm

    Ben’s face for the win.

  • Pastor_of_Muppets 05.21.12 @ 2:48pm

    I give this video four grammatically perfect sentences.

    I likes me some Fruitslam.

    //three out of four?

  • Dick Steel 05.21.12 @ 2:08pm

    I hate grammar nazis

  • Crindy 05.21.12 @ 1:49pm

    Evan Glodell whoop whoop

  • Matthew Perry 05.21.12 @ 1:20pm

    I prefer the term “grammar cunt.”


  • Oblivious kid in a strip club 05.21.12 @ 11:39am

    -Your really beautiful

  • Here's the thing,... 05.21.12 @ 11:02am

    They said a 5-second biopic of Lynne Truss couldn’t be done. Well, who’s laughing now? NOBODY, that’s who!

  • Oatmeal 05.21.12 @ 6:51am

    I bet her grandfather was a grammar nazi who hid a large cache of grammar gold for her to buy that grammar leopard dress.

  • stickfigureinc 05.21.12 @ 6:47am

    love Ben’s face when he says BITCH!

  • Mels Bells 05.21.12 @ 2:49am

    Classy local…

  • ibs2pid 05.21.12 @ 1:55am

    those are 2 epic bitches in less than a second!

  • Matchstickman 05.21.12 @ 1:33am

    waits; for many peoples to come. and correctly make this sentence grammarful

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