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Just when you thought terror couldn't get any more adorable.


  • TheDew 01.20.13 @ 4:39pm


  • hunybunnster 07.22.11 @ 6:07pm

    grants are way better because they made this off of the meeps

  • Charlotte CPA 01.19.11 @ 10:44pm

    I do use to visit here in search of new tubes. The 5 seconds has been mobilized to the new dimension with the perfect entertainment data.

  • ModelOZX 07.12.10 @ 4:38am

    A long time ago, I had an autoshotgun in case of the meeps.
    Good thing I still kept it, thought this is probably not as dangerous.

  • JOE 05.06.10 @ 8:11am

    we need a grants shirt.

  • The OTHER Brian 10.05.09 @ 11:12am


  • Ty 08.28.09 @ 10:24pm

    Not the Grants! oh noes!

  • Silly 07.01.09 @ 4:45pm

    Thmanx, for kitties died, and it’s all you fault…


  • man living in your sink 06.22.09 @ 4:07pm

    this is a ripoff of MEEPS!! DAMN YOU FOR RIPPING OFF YOUR OWN FILM!!

  • qzz 06.19.09 @ 6:08am

    wtf is a grant

  • Thmanx 05.19.09 @ 11:29pm

    lolololol Grants….

    Going back to classics i like

  • hmmm??? 05.18.09 @ 6:48pm

    Oh no not Grants!!!

  • Kevin 05.07.09 @ 9:16pm

    the blog blew up
    can you guys even see these comments?

  • moog 05.07.09 @ 5:37pm

    You fools! Grant is the victim of the Meeps! His soul is now trapped in a ball of fuzzy hell! Good God!

  • Frois 05.07.09 @ 3:58pm

    remix of a classic

  • pickle 05.07.09 @ 5:58am

    took me a second.  then i thought of tribles and shivered.

  • PA 05.07.09 @ 4:25am

    How can he sheer upon seing those Grants staring at him like that?

  • iamjohnbeck 05.06.09 @ 11:35pm

    That right there is a great reimagining of the original.

  • don yuda 05.06.09 @ 10:21pm

    OH!!!!! I get it… haha. Subtle dog of wit.

  • SJK 05.06.09 @ 10:04pm

    Meeps are totally more dangerous.

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