Great Discoveries in Comedy History #207

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P.E. would never be the same again. It was a shift so seismic in the comedy world, that it wouldn't be matched until days later, when the same boy was observing a squirrel in the park, and thought it would be pretty funny if "nuts" was a euphemism for testicles too.


  • skim 10.14.12 @ 6:46pm

    Not an expert, but I’ve got a feeling that balls as a euphemism for testes might have preceded the invention of balls.

    Like cavemen were making jokes about balls and then one day they invented spherical objects.

  • Shayshay 10.09.12 @ 8:24pm

    @Pastor_of_Muppets Take them, then you cannot stand!?

    Not as obscure as you thought? Nerd alert.

  • tron 10.08.12 @ 4:12pm

    I was going to bring pistachios to work today.  I completely forgot to grab my nuts this morning, because I left them sitting on the kitchen counter.  Now my nuts are placed upon the dining room table next to my keys and pen so I won’t forget them.  True story.

  • Here's the thing,... 10.08.12 @ 8:33am

    The boys were then sent to the principal, who was sitting in her office feeding her long-haired cat a weiner, and at last, the circle was complete.

  • Pastor_of_Muppets 10.08.12 @ 8:24am

    Take my balls, take my ass

    /I give this video one obscure reference that nobody will possibly get
    //and three balls

  • padurn 10.08.12 @ 5:35am

    In my high school, we played with our balls like they were going out of style.

  • F Gump 10.08.12 @ 5:12am

    “What if balls was a euphemism for testes”

  • Yoyo-dada 10.08.12 @ 4:58am

    We need 1950’s week, mmmk

  • Cherub Cow 10.08.12 @ 4:19am

    I hope that bearded person in the background isn’t a student… he’s giving this 1950’s twinkle a strange murder-school gloom

  • Ben 10.08.12 @ 12:37am

    All I can hear is “What balls wasa you mizzin for teskie.” ??

  • Mr Monday 10.08.12 @ 12:12am

    Not, it isn’t. :(

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