Grouchy Positioning System

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Clearly, some new GPS devices are not romantically attached to the idea of "just getting lost."


  • Buzzz 08.29.12 @ 9:01am

    You guys should do a 5sF about a CheapPS. “Warm, warm, warmer, getting colder again…”

  • StickySam 12.03.11 @ 7:59pm

    I want one of those!

  • Linz 07.05.11 @ 8:15pm

    “Turn here. Here! Here you mother ****ing idiot! here!!!!” Then he crashes into a tree after he pulls a tight left. “I told you to turn 5 feet ago!” I want one of those!

  • Jasper 06.02.11 @ 10:53pm

    I live right on that street… I feel so famous!

  • SuperRawrZ 04.26.11 @ 8:45pm

    Shouldn’t have been a woman’s voice???

  • This is ... 01.04.11 @ 3:15pm

    More polite than my gps. Mine’s a crack addict.

  • atl 11.23.10 @ 4:47pm

    the best part is the view from the exterior as he drives by the turn and then you here the f-bomb.

    the only thing that could have made it better would have been some kids minding their own business who here the f——- from outside the car. then again, eh.

  • ModelOZX 07.12.10 @ 1:20am

    Some nerd’s going to come along and program a GPS like this for his own amusement, only to wreck it after it swears him off more than three times.

  • Scaryass 06.28.10 @ 12:15am

    i want one,with the same accent and everything
    it reminds me of the medic power armor from fallout3

  • Mihail 05.26.10 @ 6:30am

    hah!very nice GPS))

  • The SuperestKev of All 04.09.10 @ 10:05am

    BWAHHHHH!!!!! I’m surprised my Garmin has done that to me yet!!!

  • Tony 03.12.10 @ 11:07am

    Its really important that they bleep’d asshole.  Such a bad word haha.

  • Jovani 03.04.10 @ 2:53pm

    Lmao One of the best and i love how the guy’s facial expression didnt change as the gps yelled at him

  • ANONYMOUS 01.26.10 @ 4:26pm

    LMFAO good one xD

  • Keevee 11.03.09 @ 8:04pm

    OMG this was so funny that i almost peed my pants because i really had to go

  • Samsab 09.24.09 @ 2:25pm


  • Nobblin 08.28.09 @ 3:43pm

    LOL that would be the best GPS ever!!!

  • Morpheus 07.12.09 @ 3:56pm

    God, my life would depend on that.

  • VolksDragon 06.25.09 @ 12:09pm

    I’d sooo buy one of those

  • Puroboriqua13 06.21.09 @ 5:36am

    My mom needs this

  • Luke 06.12.09 @ 7:38pm

    LOL this one and Magical Sign Adventure are my faves.

    “Here you F**********!”

  • Earthbreaker 06.03.09 @ 9:01am

    One of my favourites

  • Mapleman 05.25.09 @ 2:51am

    I swear GPS!!! I will shove you up my ass!!!

    ....THATS IT!!! UP THE ASS!!!

  • Hich 05.12.09 @ 5:21pm

    Alan - me.


  • DrakeMagnum 03.15.09 @ 2:43pm

    They had better start acting like that to make us pay attention.

  • Ellie 02.19.09 @ 6:26pm

    I think that if my mom had one of those, she wouldn’t get lost.

  • Ms. ERROR 01.26.09 @ 5:35am

    I wouldn’t be surprised if my dad’s GPS said that.

  • The-MaxX 01.19.09 @ 7:59am

    I want that.. how much?

  • Alan 01.17.09 @ 7:08pm

    Okay, who here has made a wrong turn on purpose just to show who’s boss?

  • Danny 01.10.09 @ 6:41pm

    OMG that’s who stole my GPS.


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