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Reality TV continues to push boundaries and hold up a mirror to society, as you'll see in this unaired pilot for an MTV series about hollowing out sad people until they're just a husk.


  • cqmajonlo 12.07.16 @ 1:10am

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  • what's your cup size? 01.16.13 @ 9:10pm

    at 0:38 : the most epic face of all time!! It actually got me scared, haha!

  • Man Solo 02.12.12 @ 8:24pm

    That last ‘DAYUM!’ : tits.

  • SeeDMT 01.14.12 @ 6:48pm

    Definitely, one of the best.

  • Hunter Leavey 11.20.11 @ 12:30am

    No. At least let him take that gun and blast them to piles of holes.

  • Roadvirus 09.04.11 @ 1:58pm

    I like to think that this is the same Ben from “Sleepy Ben.”

  • Josh 08.05.11 @ 2:16am

    Hahaha I watched this a few more extra times just cuz of the awesome music in each beginning!

  • Matt P. 05.31.11 @ 6:38pm

    What’s really sad is that this almost seems like something that MTV would do. Not really kidding on that…

  • onReload 05.17.11 @ 3:56pm

    i like how he got a haircut and olivia teleported

  • dan? 05.15.11 @ 12:57pm

    funniest one by far was with olivia and how she was instantly on the couch with them right after the pie


  • ibs2pid 05.14.11 @ 1:29am

    this one made me lol on many levels! daaaaaaaaaaayum!

  • UNA UNA UNA UNA 05.13.11 @ 10:15pm

    i like how they were using final cut

  • @phrz 05.13.11 @ 7:40pm

    DAAAAMN - best thing62 to say to a suicidal guy.

  • ibs2pid 05.13.11 @ 2:43pm


  • Lorna 05.13.11 @ 1:45am

    I’d watch that.

  • Evan 05.12.11 @ 4:33pm

    While I normally don’t appreciate suicide jokes at all, I found part 2 and the epilogue to be quite hilarious. And people, don’t just end your life31.

  • popperzockalew 05.12.11 @ 1:22pm

    I fucking love this.

  • techwitch 05.11.11 @ 11:22pm

    I almost expected the Epilogue to be of him committing triple homicide.  This one makes42 me think.

  • Caifas 05.11.11 @ 4:53pm

    Outtakes please!!

  • Fawkes 05.11.11 @ 3:28pm

    Or 4, whatever.

  • Fawkes 05.11.11 @ 3:27pm

    JSpot, read the description. It’s a series of shorts about a group of douchebags filming a reality series. Number 3 just happens to take place during editing.

  • mexA 05.11.11 @ 2:42pm

    That crying…

  • You 05.11.11 @ 12:54pm

    A) that was on purpose. thats the joke.
    B) its IV. Which is the roman numeral for 4.

    you idiot….

  • JSpot 05.11.11 @ 12:18pm

    Love that you guys just didn’t even try on number 3. Camera man blatantly in the shot, image on the computer is in Final Cut Pro. Take44 on me!

  • Ian 05.11.11 @ 11:57am


  • benfoldsthreeandaquarter 05.11.11 @ 11:46am

    deaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaamn! For68 a second there I thought he was gonna do it.

  • Eric 05.11.11 @ 9:34am

    Olivia looks like Patricia Arquette in Lost Highway. Also, I think I would be cheered up by a pie to the face pre-suicide attempt. They replaced all his pills with tic tacs so he wouldn`t die. These guys aren`t dicks…they really care!

  • ts 05.11.11 @ 7:03am

    This was inspired. And red may be your color, Olivia.

  • Brad Pun 05.11.11 @ 5:41am

    I was at work and I just checked up on this, when he got pied the first time, I broke out laughing…the employees asked what was so funny…now everyone is watching this video (and others)

  • Zombone 05.11.11 @ 1:54am

    Love the cameraman chillin in one of the shots.

  • TheONLYchuck 05.11.11 @ 1:27am


  • J0Llamas 05.11.11 @ 1:22am

    awwwwhh poor ben this and cancer

  • techwitch 05.11.11 @ 12:34am

    Pauly P and his boys are at it again.

  • carbine125 05.11.11 @ 12:30am

    First Baby WOOOO!!!!

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