Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner

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Get with the times, Dad. It's 2009 PHY (Puny Human Years).


  • TheDew 01.19.13 @ 7:47am

    Their hands doesnt match the face….is that just a facial mutation?

  • Dustin 04.06.12 @ 8:39pm

    That’s because they would cross-dress before they had girls. This was Olivia’s first 5sf, I think.

  • UFO Phil 07.10.11 @ 10:27pm

    Bad Aliens?

  • merryxmas 08.06.10 @ 11:33am

    ..... soooooooo no one noticed she’s giving him a handjob underneath the table? 

    it’s a stressful talk.  it was the best way to help break the news to them.

  • anon 07.08.10 @ 9:18am

    everyone loves the blonde…every film with her “more blonde,” or “that blonde was super hot.” lol

  • exercator 02.24.10 @ 9:58pm

    lol at gorlac
    why is everyone commenting on the monsters?  that blonde was pretty hot

  • cronin_burger 02.20.10 @ 9:36am

    I was always curious who Gorlac’s parents were.  Great history lesson. 8/10

  • Basement dude 08.05.09 @ 8:50am

    Dude the wife has some muscles… nice

  • Kazhe 07.01.09 @ 7:29am

    I HAVE NO SON ahaha

  • man living in your sink 06.26.09 @ 7:06am

    well must have been a bad/good/worst/best day for Gorlac.
    hell didn’t he have that dream of his? of course maybe it was a kid dream thing, i’m sure he soon realized the real important things in life. Happy times Gorlac, happy times…

  • Kevin 04.02.09 @ 1:50pm


  • ccfbb 03.16.09 @ 8:53am

    gorlac pops looks like richard nixon

  • PA 03.05.09 @ 4:45pm

    cant a guy just enslave humanity, and love, in peace?

  • Philistine 03.05.09 @ 1:03pm

    Is Gorlac a Skrull or what?

  • farrand 03.05.09 @ 12:06pm

    sniffle, sniffle, tear, tear…such intolerance..

  • Shmoe 03.05.09 @ 10:33am

    mmmmmmm Chocolate Chip Cookies of Death

    I can’t get enough of these Gorlac films

  • moog 03.05.09 @ 9:57am

    Gorlac’s mom seems more understanding about her son’s happiness… she also makes the best chocolate chip cookies OF DEATH!!!!

  • tricky pete 03.05.09 @ 9:42am

    I like to think the hair from “Coming of Age” is during his rebellious rock-n-roll youth. But eventually, he cleaned up is act and enslaved the world. But there was one special lil’ blonde he didn’t have the heart to enslave… but he did have the heart… to love

  • BiggerJ 03.05.09 @ 1:58am

    Also, did he shave the darker part of his hair (which was seen during the formative days of his youth), or is he balding? Either way, I don’t mind. It was a real vlorzak’s nest back in the day.

  • BiggerJ 03.05.09 @ 1:53am

    Gorlac’s species is capable of assuming human form, but only from the neck down. They despise most biological aspects of humanity, but admire the single, non-toothed anus.

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