Guilt Food

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The Ivetouchedlittleboysenberry flavor is a personal favorite. [gets put on government watchlist]


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  • awsmmlly 07.22.11 @ 3:05pm

    boysenberry was the funniest part of this for me. i’d travel miles86 to relive the slow reveal of that pun again.

  • NIels 07.21.11 @ 3:43pm

    Her face flicks through so many emotions, it reminds me of that one CGI-aided scene with Jodie Foster in Contact

  • ts 07.21.11 @ 7:34am

    They need to do way instain owner> who kill thier pappies. becuse these pappy cant frigth back?

    it was on the news this mroing a owner in ar who had kill her three pups . they are taking the three pappy back to new york too lady to rest my pary are with the doggy who lost his chrilden ; i am truley sorry for your lots

  • onReload 07.20.11 @ 9:07pm

    I just read my own comment without seeing my name first and thought “Whoa! I thought the same thing!” I’m a genius.

  • @some jewish guy 07.19.11 @ 5:28pm

    Woulditkillyoutocall-berry frogurt?


  • Some Jewish guy 07.19.11 @ 10:43am

    I just spent 20 minutes trying to think of a Kosher/Jewish guilt joke.  Fuck it, I’m going outside.

  • Ian 07.19.11 @ 9:41am

    Juliette Lewis again! Sweet!

    Ikilledmykidsisterandcream is a good flavor76 too.

  • That sound she makes at the end 07.19.11 @ 9:13am

    That video got91 morbid quickly

  • crist 07.19.11 @ 7:47am

    this isnt going to be a week review huh?

    so girls night out. or something title?

  • crist 07.19.11 @ 7:45am

    well what kind of yuppys?

    for all what its worth i say


    dmn the sunglass where are they.

  • Alex hope 07.19.11 @ 7:30am

    funny vid

  • onReload 07.19.11 @ 6:04am

    Olivia’s face hahaha

  • BigSoph 07.19.11 @ 5:20am

    Meh, you’ll feel better about it in the morning81

  • Matthew Nowak 07.19.11 @ 5:01am

    Juliette Lewis…..  FIT!

  • Cloven 07.19.11 @ 4:54am

    I put the milk back in the fridge when there’s only a half cup left *hangs head in shame*

  • zambo. 07.19.11 @ 12:45am

    Gold. Spun gold.

  • ibs2pid 07.19.11 @ 12:44am

    I don’t see why drowning a bag of puppies would make that guilt food.

  • Matt 07.19.11 @ 12:07am

    Well, it looks like PETA is going to want to review their cases47

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