Guns A Blazin’

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Right before this, he showed the other men in his squad a photograph he kept tucked away in his helmet. "This is what I got waiting for me back home," he said lovingly. It was a picture of him taking a massive rip off a killer 4-footer self serve. It was then that they knew he wasn't going to last long in Uptight Company.


  • Zalew 09.21.13 @ 11:35am

    “Iron Butterfly - In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida”

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  • Drjusmar 05.15.12 @ 3:35pm

    Its the smoke coming out of his gunshot wound that kills me.

  • amardeep 11.14.11 @ 9:14pm


  • Eric 07.10.11 @ 11:32pm

    My hero.

  • Dr. Acula 06.25.11 @ 1:17am

    the track is called “Acid Drop” by “Lithium Project”

  • wonton 05.18.11 @ 7:01pm

    that could have been “hip-hop is dead” by nas

  • Belinda Benn 04.28.11 @ 12:50pm

    hehe , good one wink

  • michael 04.22.11 @ 2:13am

    Funny that I watch this just before I go to boot camp.

  • Can't spell 04.21.11 @ 3:04am

    @this guy

    It’s ‘in la gadda de vida’

  • Um... 04.20.11 @ 11:41pm


    Because they did?

    It’s at the top of this page, just scroll up.

  • calvin 04.20.11 @ 7:30pm


    Y U NO MAKE 4/20 SKIT?

  • Matthew Perry 04.20.11 @ 4:38pm

    Stoner humor usually doesn’t make for good material18. This was no exception. Did you guys think it was a coincidence that Your Highness bombed even harder than Mars Needs Moms?

  • jackjack232 04.20.11 @ 11:52am

    LOL 42 people like this!

  • germo 04.20.11 @ 11:47am

    and this all happened in march77?

  • This Guy 04.20.11 @ 10:55am

    I should probably know, since it’s the classic drug-related song, but what song is this? I recognize it, but forget the name, and it’s driving me mad.

  • Z 04.20.11 @ 10:13am

    Nice bong dude. Right on

  • That guy 04.20.11 @ 5:52am

    Looks like he was *puts on sunglasses* high on death YYYYYYEEEEEEEEEAAAAAAAAHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!

  • ME 04.20.11 @ 4:52am

    I um… Give this… um.  Video….


    /what were we talking about?

  • Mike-O 04.20.11 @ 3:52am

    i think he only thought he was shot because he was a blazin’

  • Double wait... 04.20.11 @ 3:09am

    I haven’t slept at all tonight.  That means my eyes are going to be super bloodshot.  That means everyone is going to think I was doing drugs!

  • Wait... 04.20.11 @ 3:08am

    Is this a reference to that random “holiday” I just heard of a couple days ago where everyone does drugs on 4/20?

  • jogiff 04.20.11 @ 3:04am

    The smoke coming out of the bullet hole was a nice touch.

    And… uhh… the fact that he was shot in the lungs might account58 for that?

  • hhhhh 04.20.11 @ 2:08am


  • anti uptight 04.20.11 @ 2:06am

    fuckin uptighters….always harshin our blaze.

  • not poopy 04.20.11 @ 2:03am

    not poopy…..blazin.

  • seriously? 04.20.11 @ 1:59am

    no jonny? no someone else saying their third? AM I REALLY THIS DRUNK?!?!? i need to sleep….and learn to remember my name68.

  • also... 04.20.11 @ 1:53am

    please google “epic car wash kelby” thats me….washing that car…not going out blazing….apologizes.

  • holy shiiiii 04.20.11 @ 1:52am

    no way am i first…..i’ve been a fan for like a year now

    am i really first? BE MY FRIEND? I LIVE IN BREA CA???? I LOVE YOU GUYS!!! AHHHHHH!!!!!

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