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Well, it's better than the Mel Gibson version, don't you agree? No seriously, you have to agree now. Starring Peter Stormare!


  • Pinky 03.07.12 @ 12:26am

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  • ASS 07.29.11 @ 8:45am

    Hi there, I am the savior, and the message. you will all die. SCREW THE PROPHETS AND THE SAVIORS. Die

  • Zawa 07.12.11 @ 3:26pm

    Holy crap, that was Peter Stormare? Didn’t even recognize him.

  • Pope Hilarius 10.24.10 @ 12:05pm

    Ah ha ha!

    A bit scary.

  • Blathering Bear 10.21.10 @ 10:45am

    And HERE I thought Hamlet was boring. Well you never can tell…. I’d nominate Peter Stormare for a micro-Oscar if such a thing could (does it?) exsist!

  • CMM 10.09.10 @ 3:59am

    Rosencrantz and Guildenstern- the check..
    (puts on sunglasses)
    is in the mail.

  • COMBO IZ SRARTING!!! 10.07.10 @ 5:41am

    (puts on sunglasses)
    got the point.

  • Epicalguy 10.07.10 @ 5:39am

    Looks like ophelia…
    (puts on sunglasses)
    was drowning her sorrows.

  • ? 10.07.10 @ 5:38am

    Looks like it’s curtains…
    (puts on sunglasses)
    for Polonius.

  • Cobra 09.25.10 @ 2:49pm

    fart boners

  • Poont 09.19.10 @ 9:11am

    wow. peter stormare in a vid like this?! :D EEEPIIIIC

  • sverige ftw 07.23.10 @ 11:58am

    Roflfuckingmao don’t know how it’s with the subs but in swedish it’s fucking great as hell!

  • onReload 07.19.10 @ 3:17pm

    yes, him doing it in swedish the way he’s done it is pretty amazing. i suspect this is the dialogue he really yearned for, but knew audiences wouldn’t accept.

  • YipYup 07.19.10 @ 8:22am

    “...and the title role in ‘Hamlet.’” That’s Bergman’s Hamlet, so I guess that makes sf5 equivalent to Bergman. Mind blown. (quote from: http://movies.yahoo.com/movie/contributor/1800018583/bio)

  • markwritesmusic 07.19.10 @ 5:32am


  • Niels 07.18.10 @ 4:26pm

    AHEM! I believe Hamlet was danish…

  • nson 07.18.10 @ 1:12pm

    Naturligtvis vill jag ha sex med min mamma - ELLER VILL JAG DE? HAHAHA! This is so epic! He is epic! You are now epic. EVERYTHING IS SO EPIC OMFGZzz

  • Jim 07.18.10 @ 8:01am

    you know, i am far more interested in how Peter Stormare was involved than any commentator-thing which is apparently going on

  • Robin 07.18.10 @ 7:15am

    Proud to be from Sweden atm smile

  • qwerty 07.18.10 @ 4:55am

    fuck off lucia

  • Lucia 07.17.10 @ 11:00pm

    I see new face there ;] he’s great and have potential smile keep good work

    btw, today is the last day of voting for my work smile :* http://bit.ly/bLDsB7 please help

  • Chris 07.17.10 @ 7:06pm

    Peter Stormare is epic.

  • Erin 07.17.10 @ 10:40am

    Another!!!  Haha!  That’s so awesome that he did these videos with you guys!

  • NO, you are all morons. 07.17.10 @ 8:16am

    More comments -  more views on the film. Should I type it slower so that all Johnny Utah hating morons can comprehend?
    So keep it up! Keep bitching! that’s what the conspirists want you to do by hating Johnny Utah and I might add, your 2 dimensional brains are doing it according to plan.

  • Nex 07.17.10 @ 6:34am

    You lucky bastards, how did you get Peter Stormare twice?

  • 5SecondFail = Johnny Utah = rekzie = ?! 07.17.10 @ 4:51am


  • rekzie 07.16.10 @ 9:47pm

    @ 5secondfail… i totally agree…

    PEOPLE… stop giving JU all the freaking attention he seems to be craving so much!!! (the fact that he actually waits online everyday to be the first to comment is kinda sad) haha… this is the one and ONLY time i’ll ever mention him… get a clue people… you’re just feeding his ego!!!

  • Casey Jones 07.16.10 @ 9:34pm


  • a Buick 07.16.10 @ 9:14pm

    Stormare FTW.

  • fafdafdsafd 07.16.10 @ 8:02pm


  • Redphoenix 07.16.10 @ 7:41pm


  • Sandwich 07.16.10 @ 7:40pm

    blah blah blah Utah blah blah doodley doodley doo.

    Also, another Stormare film!  Excellent!

  • Gorkrust 07.16.10 @ 7:35pm

    Listen guys…you are all kinda dumb.
    Johnny Utah isn’t real.
    This is a social experiment that Ferenzi and the gang are doing.
    They are trying to see what happens when they put a major tooldouche amidst the commenters.
    How else do you think he can comment on the vids so damn early before everyone else?

  • See? 07.16.10 @ 7:07pm

    Never plenty for a dev card.

  • RedPhoenix 07.16.10 @ 6:04pm

    I love me some Johnny Utah….But Peter Stormare was great in Windtalkers….

  • Broguts 07.16.10 @ 5:57pm

    He is out drinking blood36

  • shit 07.16.10 @ 5:08pm

    where the fuck is utah anyways?

  • Honkietonk 07.16.10 @ 4:54pm

    You’re right. So far no CSI anything. It looks like we’ve been

    *puts on sunglasses*


  • Andre' 07.16.10 @ 4:07pm

    Think this is the first time I don’t see a CSI: Miami meme reference on here.

  • Welp 07.16.10 @ 3:45pm

    Every Shakespearean tale should star Stormare.

  • ???? 5secondfail 07.16.10 @ 3:01pm

    Why are you taking this personally? Did Johnny Utah steal your girlfriend? All this is supposed to be lighthearted fun. YOU are the one taking the fun out of this. These guys are only trying to make us laugh.

  • Cha ching 07.16.10 @ 2:31pm

    Maybe “Johnny Utah” is one of the dudes that act and star in these little second sparks of genius…think about that.
    Don’t be hatin on the gravy….

  • dev 07.16.10 @ 2:09pm

    come to think of it, i believe a Bergman spoof is in order.

  • dev 07.16.10 @ 2:03pm

    calm down, dude. btw PLEASE MORE PETER STORMARE. now to go watch some Kids in the Hall74.

  • 5SecondFail 07.16.10 @ 1:53pm

    First of all I hate that Utah more than all you probably. But you guys keep it about him thus keeping him active all the time. Just ignore the man!

    The fact that 5SF updating this film at a random hour (3 hours 22 mins later than usual), and Brian commenting on his own web site where he decides about the update time and still not being even 1 minute ahead of this guy, probably doesn’t mean this Utah guy failed. Actually even if you guys don’t like to believe this but commenting on your on vide like this is pure LAME!

    With all your actions your making him bigger on the game. Learn some human nature people.

    This is actually is a really big fail for 5SF. Yet you try to believe the opposite. Which makes him win again.

    Commenting on your own site first?
    Wow that tells Utah to do more!

  • Johnny Douchetah 07.16.10 @ 1:12pm

    Never has Brian Firenzi been more of my hero… He truly is a mans44 man.

  • BakedPotato 07.16.10 @ 12:49pm

    Well it seems JU just own85’d himself. Replied 2nd AND commented on someone else. Also, of course he wanted to have sex with his mommy.

  • RahRahRaiha 07.16.10 @ 11:52am

    I smell a SAG award in the future!...Or at least a Webby.

  • maaaaaaaaarrrrk 07.16.10 @ 11:46am


  • EX PRESIDENT 07.16.10 @ 11:01am

    Can someone explain to me how one person can annoy you sooo much because he makes the first comment nearly every time that it requires you to comment about him…

  • Человек 07.16.10 @ 10:13am

    Jim Jim
    Фром Раша, мэн!XD

  • Anon 07.16.10 @ 9:53am

    Johnny is the cancer that is killing 5SF.  I usually don’t feed the trolls, but knock it off!

    Great video btw.

  • Marc 07.16.10 @ 9:12am

    Holy Shit, it’s Lucifer!

  • EW 07.16.10 @ 8:41am

    ew..that’s just gross.

  • ?????? 07.16.10 @ 8:39am

    I know you feel driven to cleverly destroy the world-renown Johnny Utah in the 5sf comment feed, but seriously….ew..that’s just disgusting.

  • Gorkrust 07.16.10 @ 8:11am

    Maybe Johnny Utah should come over to my house for some poison soup. I’ve got bunches of it. I have scabs everywhere. I’m stuck to my bed.

  • Enabsflow 07.16.10 @ 7:46am

    So, are you guys now Stormare’s agents? Cause that would be awesome. So cool!

  • Frackippy 07.16.10 @ 6:35am

    Haha Pure awesomeness ;D


  • obscurerreference 07.16.10 @ 6:13am

    Definitely better than the Mel Gibson version… I could only sit through that once.

  • stephen 07.16.10 @ 6:01am

    Wow, Peter Stormare! could you PLEASE tell us how you got to cast Satan/Bjork’s wannabe boyfriend/the mad scientist from Command and Conquer?

  • JB 07.16.10 @ 5:58am

    Best 5sf rendition of Hamlet yet! Too bad you couldn’t get Petert to try speaking some Danish.

  • OK, seriously 07.16.10 @ 5:48am

    Peter Stormare has some JOKES!!!

  • Albin 07.16.10 @ 5:40am

    If ur not swe, He says ‘’ Naturligtvis vill jag ha sex med din mamma, Eller vill jag det?? ‘’

  • Jim Jim 07.16.10 @ 5:25am

    Ay, chelovek, ot kuda te?

    Also, I dunno who this Johnny Mormon guy is but he’s suckin the awesome out of this place. And he’s PPRREETTTYYY good at suckin

  • ftw 07.16.10 @ 5:24am

    not only did johnny just fail at his own game, he also broke one of his own rules.  He commented in response to someone else! 
    Thank you Johnny.  Not only is this Peter Stormare 5sf awesomely full of win, but now johnny’s tears have brightened my day just that much more.

  • Ian 07.16.10 @ 5:20am

    How the hell did you get Peter Stormare again? THAT’S SO COOL. The laugh at the end makes the video for me.

  • Johnny Utah 07.16.10 @ 5:04am

    Naturligtvis vill Johnny ha sex med sin mamma! Eller vill han det, egentligen? HAHA

  • holy shit 07.16.10 @ 4:47am

    the skull laughs like gilbert godfried

  • Человек 07.16.10 @ 4:43am

    Peter Stormare motherfuckers!!!

  • Dog 07.16.10 @ 3:41am

    “And as you can see the web site gets updated 3hours and 20minutes later than usual. and I’m still able to comment in the same exact minute with Brian.”

    haha, you sad fuck.  did you sit there continualy refreshing for 3h and 20m…  “must….be…..first….”

    ROFL!  what a twat.

  • the one and only... 07.16.10 @ 3:27am

    hey, johnny u., stop saying words!

  • Johnny Utah 07.16.10 @ 3:15am

    You just lost the game Johnny

  • Johnny Utah 07.16.10 @ 3:04am

    Only to an untrained mind.
    JU’s spotless record the 1st 15 days.
    So that being done, the rest is just for pleasure. And as you can see the web site gets updated 3hours and 20minutes later than usual. and I’m still able to comment in the same exact minute with Brian.

    That my friend is double win.

    This game ends, when Utah says it ends.

  • Glory To God 07.16.10 @ 2:55am

    All Glory be given to Brian Firenzi for ending Johnny Utah. Down with Utah.

  • Jesus Christ 07.16.10 @ 2:50am

    Actually, Brian Firenzi just beat you.

    Never67 again can you claim you have a spotless record.

  • Johnny Utah 07.16.10 @ 2:24am

    can’t beat me

  • Brian Firenzi 07.16.10 @ 2:24am

    Boom goes the Mel Gibson reference dynamite

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