Hate All U Want

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Even worse were the twitter responses afterward. @Hugo said "Dammmmn, I'd let Chris Brown beat me out for an award anytime." Just a sad day in general.


  • mvfefjok 12.02.16 @ 11:54pm

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  • Jeff 03.09.12 @ 7:15pm

    She looks good, but sucks ass at acting. Just saying.

  • Alpy 02.24.12 @ 7:58am

    She still looks pretty with short hair.

  • ChronoSamurai 02.23.12 @ 4:47pm

    @Man Solo
    Who WOULDN’T hit Clooney twice?

  • 36R 02.21.12 @ 9:44am

    I dont think Rhianna ever thanked Chris Brown for helping her get the Cover Girl modeling gig.

  • Renegade Pervert 02.21.12 @ 8:39am

    I’d hit it.

  • Man Solo 02.20.12 @ 3:10pm

    He WOULD hit Clooney twice.

  • HaroldJohanson 02.20.12 @ 1:56pm

    A little Frank Zappa reference.

  • Godless Sumbitch 02.20.12 @ 8:34am

    Did he give Brad Pitt separate shiners, or is that the same one for ‘Tree Of Life’ AND ‘Moneyball?’

  • Matthew Perry 02.20.12 @ 8:09am

    Oscar week is the best week.

    I never knew you could bruise up74 a horse like that. Some nice bruising, there.

  • Noodles 02.20.12 @ 6:11am

    He even punched the children D:

  • Man Solo 02.20.12 @ 5:17am

    Wait justa minute.

  • TheOnlyChuck 02.20.12 @ 1:34am

    What do you tell a woman with 2 black eyes?
    Nothing. you’ve already told her twice.

  • padurn 02.20.12 @ 1:12am

    Is this the same Brown who can take about an hour on the tower of power - as long as he gets a little golden shower?

  • Mr Monday 02.20.12 @ 1:10am

    Kelsey’ll be lucky to get away with just a black eye after Chris Brown’s finished with his acceptance speech.

  • Brad Pun 02.20.12 @ 12:28am

    True story, Chris Brown had gay sex with Martyn and is a bottom. Google it. We’re all Team Breezy here.

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