Her First Time

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Real friends are there for you. Real friends understand. Real friends know what chemical compounds dissolve human flesh without leaving a smell.


  • Andrei 10.17.14 @ 4:37am

    It is important to have real friends, still i don’t think that they are helping you by not telling when you make a big mistake. A good friend should give you a proper advice, no matter if you opinion goes or not to that specific way.

  • Bill179 09.12.14 @ 5:33am

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  • nguyenhaiduya 05.27.14 @ 11:48pm
  • anh1212 05.17.14 @ 2:37am

    Good friends help you move. Best friends help you move a body.
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  • TheDew 01.27.13 @ 9:56am

    Too much blood=unclean cut

  • yeah 10.15.10 @ 9:31pm

    @derf Other side of the bridge

  • Derf 09.13.10 @ 7:23pm

    In the first shot the blonde is on the right. In the second she’s on the left. Assuming it was meant to be continuous, that was a boo-boo. Just sayin.

  • AnarchistGrandpa 06.29.10 @ 12:15pm

    hey uhh not to sound wierd or anything ut why does fisting kill people? kinda need the answer ASAP i have a date on friday XD but seriously someone fill me in

  • Jophus 05.21.10 @ 1:51am

    Or is it? The answer is no.

  • Beremy 04.23.10 @ 11:33pm

    Okay, this is the last one, seriously.

  • Mary 03.29.10 @ 3:33pm

    Heh, Time After Time…

  • Turtle 03.15.10 @ 5:28pm

    Makes me think of my first time… I’m just glad I’ll be there when my bff’s first time rolls around.

  • MineTruly 01.26.10 @ 10:39am

    Good friends help you move. Best friends help you move a body.

  • Irony 01.05.10 @ 3:33pm

    Well thanks Snerg! I love you too.

  • 1st 12.02.09 @ 12:15pm


  • the one and only... 12.01.09 @ 2:04pm

    just realized… this is the second video in a row relating to blood.

  • Stevie-G 11.30.09 @ 5:33pm


  • bob 11.28.09 @ 2:13pm


  • Nick 11.24.09 @ 4:42pm


  • JAS 11.24.09 @ 12:11pm

    yes RRR- more brunette! Always more brunette.

  • Enabsflow 11.23.09 @ 9:10pm

    Pro, I read the same thing.

    I agree with Justina. Excellent!

  • Amanda 11.23.09 @ 7:55pm

    Well done, guys. Well done.

  • Zicter 11.23.09 @ 2:33pm

    Didn’t she watch the Health Class special about about changes in people’s bodies ( for example, a bloody mess)?

  • Snerg 11.23.09 @ 1:24pm

    I love you, Irony.

  • RRR 11.23.09 @ 9:21am

    More brunett. She makes the films funny. I like her.

  • Prihipal 11.23.09 @ 9:08am


  • Bill the Butcher 11.23.09 @ 8:49am

    Sexiest. Movie. Ever.

  • Pro-Fisting 11.23.09 @ 6:17am

    I read the first 2 comments as ‘fisting’ not ‘firsting.’

  • Anti-Firster 11.23.09 @ 5:55am

    Firsting kills, people.

  • #1 Laxer 11.23.09 @ 5:54am

    oh i remember my first time :D

  • Justina Bravo 11.23.09 @ 4:27am

    Cindy Lauper in the background is probably perfect.

  • Rolf 11.23.09 @ 2:11am

    Actually I think firsting would have been appropriate here.

  • Nave 11.23.09 @ 12:30am

    More fine work. Do I get points for stopping someone from firsting?

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