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silverlake aeronautics and space administration (SASA) captain's log, alexander weezy f drake: stardate whatever - set coordinates for american apparel, our v-necks are reaching critical capacity. lol don't care.


  • nlxccqoi 11.29.16 @ 12:14pm

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  • TheDew 01.21.13 @ 9:35pm

    I think they dead

  • meeep 10.22.12 @ 12:15am


  • Crindy 12.08.11 @ 2:38am

    A synopsis of this mind-bender:
    The hipster spaceship, seen above, was created and crewed by a band of ironic miscreants who found the Earth too mainstream and shallow. They set course for a world of flannel and corduroy, but were too cool to actually care about where they were going. Captain Kelsey decides that doing some retro captain-y thing like changing course would be fairly hip, so she directs the navigator to input new coordinates (“John, coordinates.”). However, John was too hip either to care about setting proper course, learn how to even do that, or install and operate the necessary equipment, as he most likely replaced any actual navigatory device with a vintage children’s xylophone. Thusly did the hipster spaceship crash into an asteroid.

  • Adrià 12.04.11 @ 4:16pm

    Months after watching this one for the first time… I still don’t understand it…

  • trophies 04.30.11 @ 8:10pm

    Me too, I don’t understand the video. Though I love passion pit so much

  • Dan 02.14.11 @ 8:23pm

    I like Passion Pit, and I’m not a hipster. :(

  • Tomathy 01.10.11 @ 11:32am

    How far out are we, man?


  • smarttalk 06.29.10 @ 1:38pm

    no-ones ever been THAT high XD

  • Jonathan 06.14.10 @ 4:01pm

    Nobody ever compare 5-second films to Super News again.  Ugh.

  • Michael 04.22.10 @ 1:05pm


  • tom i am 12.06.09 @ 12:41am

    you really are douchy mcgee

  • douchey mcgee 11.01.09 @ 7:44pm

    That Super News thing sucks and you guys shouldn’t even be talking about it.  This thing is funny, and if you don’t like it you can be done with it after eight seconds.

  • esteban 08.09.09 @ 4:40pm

    I must own those cyclops sunglasses.  Where did you get them?

  • Facepalm 07.23.09 @ 5:39am

    If hipsters were a race of people, I would embrace their genocide.

  • ssdubb 07.20.09 @ 3:48pm

    One, you guys are asses for thinking she said corn nuts. Two, yes, she is hot. Three, good call dwhee!! And four, as much as I like these vids, I agree with Lame. I’ve noticed two videos (so far) with strange similiarities to Tim And Eric. Passion Pit? Who cares?

  • Aric 07.18.09 @ 10:50am

    This video isn’t that hard to understand.  It’s just showing how stupid hipsters are.  Notice how the guy is listening to Passion Pit, a very hipster band.  And the girl says “John, coordinates.” And nobody knows and they blow up.  It’s genius.

  • biggboss99 07.13.09 @ 11:35am

    i had that same piano

  • Weather Man 07.13.09 @ 10:29am

    according to those coordinates, ASS-TEROID

  • MaisOui 07.12.09 @ 7:08pm

    Dont think of it as a rip off of Super News, think of it as a live action version!

    P.s., I like how they’re listening to “The Reeling” by Passion Pit

  • jubbs 07.11.09 @ 5:27pm

    To clear it up once and for all… Taylor was right, she says “Jon, the coordinates” in an apathetic tone.

  • Pulatso 07.11.09 @ 5:03pm

    The again, she might have been saying “Coordinates”, she kinda slurred the line. Probably intentional.

  • Pulatso 07.11.09 @ 5:02pm

    She says “Corn Nuts”, it a crunch corn based snack food. they’re pretty good, I had no idea it was a hipster staple.

  • moog 07.11.09 @ 12:35am

    Silverlake… ugh!

  • church anus 07.10.09 @ 10:30pm

    look at the boy in the back, he has the most handsome nipples.

  • tricky pete 07.10.09 @ 7:39pm

    How about Hippie Submarine? No one’s done that yet…. no wait, someone just did it…. fuck.

  • graeme magee 07.10.09 @ 5:39pm

    this girl rocks.  we need more videos with her. she is the best.

  • jubbs 07.10.09 @ 5:31pm

    I guess we should have googled “hipster” and “space” together and discovered… “SuperNews” before covering the walls with tin foil and albums. You live, you learn.

  • lolz 07.10.09 @ 3:28pm

    Why did the asteroid catch on fire?

  • dwhee 07.10.09 @ 2:44pm

    can’t understand what the girl is saying. “Done- corn this?”

    but I like that they’re using a cloudcar in space like they think it makes them even cooler. seems hipsterish.

  • Kevin 07.10.09 @ 2:39pm


  • admiralhipster 07.10.09 @ 12:37pm

    The Collective Unconscious, perhaps? using63

  • zambo. 07.10.09 @ 11:54am

    ha! well i’ll be damned, this does look like a ripoff…

  • Earthbreaker 07.10.09 @ 11:38am


  • SuperKev 07.10.09 @ 11:22am

    I think she said, “Corn Nutz”.

  • taylor 07.10.09 @ 10:34am

    She said “Jon, the coordinates” apathetically ... she’s HOT

  • myturnnow 07.10.09 @ 10:15am

    What did she say, “numb nuts” or something like that?

  • :/ 07.10.09 @ 10:04am

    I don’t understand this video.

  • Hich17 07.10.09 @ 9:52am

    Those special effects

  • man living in your sink 07.10.09 @ 8:15am

    If Star Trek had hipsters…
    meh, it would still be shit

  • Jimmy Rabbitte 07.10.09 @ 6:02am

    Of course they’re not going to survive out there! That’s a short-range vehicle, meant for transport around gas giants like Bespin.

    ...Nerds win again, Hipsters!

  • Your Childhood Friend 07.10.09 @ 1:22am

    “I have no idea what is going on here, hey, just like hipsters leave me feeling in real life!”

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