Hipster Submarine

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silverlake oceanic hyrdoponic organization (soho] captain's log, alexander weezy f drake: after finding out our concept-o-tron technology was made up of used parts, u-necks and coke, we disbanded the space program and began to unlock the ocean's mysteries. tinfoil, fyi, is a sweet all-purpose insulation material. our next mission is to build a hot warehouse club inside a whale.


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  • TheDew 01.24.13 @ 6:25am

    Isnt the beeping warning about the leak? Not the overheating?

  • Eman 11.27.12 @ 2:23pm

    Is the captain from college humor? Or is it Kelsey?

  • atwgcesn 12.22.11 @ 5:03am


  • New Orleans vacation packages 07.08.11 @ 7:57pm

    Love it. I like these type of films.

  • Justin Bieber Lyrics 06.24.11 @ 2:23pm

    Hey great video! Loved it.

  • cronin_burger 03.03.10 @ 11:56am

    The last ‘you hot’ makes this. 7/10

  • sid 02.25.10 @ 1:05pm

    yay, pink floyd

  • FrizzleFry 01.26.10 @ 6:40pm

    Kind of a rip off of Super News!, don’tcha think?

  • theknow 01.24.10 @ 9:34am

    No… she is not in this.

  • jyhash 01.18.10 @ 3:34pm

    Wow, how’d they modify that Bespin Twin Pod Cloud Car for underwater use, and where did they get it in white with an awesome racing stripe?

  • 34567 12.26.09 @ 5:22pm

    Sarah Schneider from collegehumor is in this.

  • Brendan 10.27.09 @ 5:28pm

    the brunette needs to stay….she rocks!!!

  • Shfifty Fahv 09.06.09 @ 2:20pm

    and do i take you by the hand, and lead you through the land
    and help me understand the best I can?

  • Whale 09.04.09 @ 7:33am

    delecious bitches…

  • chris 09.01.09 @ 6:02pm

    spaceship sucked. submarine sucked. keep ‘em coming.

  • o8643 08.29.09 @ 7:38pm

    Why is there a blue and white cloud car underwater?

  • Harbltron 08.29.09 @ 10:34am

    Yeah that’s pink floyd.

  • Frois 08.28.09 @ 11:17am

    yeah it’s probably from Echoes

  • Paul 08.26.09 @ 8:27am

    If the girl on the right isn’t actually a guy… she’s hot.

  • Lucky Cynic 08.25.09 @ 10:40pm


  • moog 08.25.09 @ 6:09pm

    Q. Why did the hipster cross the road?
    A. Shahh… If you have to ask then stay on the other side.

  • Shmoe 08.25.09 @ 3:27pm

    The Whale’s hot

  • Sly 08.25.09 @ 1:46pm

    does it make me a hipster that I recognized that ping at the end is from Pink Floyd’s Echoes?

  • dickhead (the hot sause) 08.25.09 @ 1:00pm

    thank you

  • dickhead (the hot sause) 08.25.09 @ 1:00pm

    your hot

  • jubbs 08.25.09 @ 12:19pm

    Q: How many hipsters does it take to screw in a lightbulb?
    A: It’s a really obscure number. You probably haven’t heard of it.

  • Hipster Enologist 08.25.09 @ 9:38am

    Hipster Enologists want a wine cellar in a whale!  Whilst briny we could maintain a constant temperature…

  • Your Biological Father 08.25.09 @ 8:46am

    She’s hot.

  • SuperKev 08.25.09 @ 8:20am

    The Capt, she is DEF hot! smile

  • Monstro 08.25.09 @ 7:38am

    A good hipster is hard to find, but delicious.

  • Jim 08.25.09 @ 6:41am

    you just can’t keep a good hipster down

  • ME 08.25.09 @ 5:01am

    You’re hot.

  • lololol 08.25.09 @ 4:21am

    They’re baaaack!

  • iamjohnbeck 08.24.09 @ 11:10pm

    Funnier than expected!

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