Hitting The Books

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He loses the big fight against Infinite Jest (spoilers!) but in the end, his big heart still inspired the nation by going the distance: All 1079 pages, without understanding a single word of any of it.


  • bosvmuugykk 12.02.16 @ 10:52am

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  • Coumbaya 05.31.12 @ 12:04pm

    What’s Collin Farrell doing here ? I thought you guys were a small production. YOU LIARS !

  • crist 05.31.12 @ 1:41am

    lets try this vesus the PACMAN.

  • Atticus 05.30.12 @ 7:43pm

    you’re going to eat Fitzgerald and you’re going to crap whitman

  • Frederico Suave 05.30.12 @ 6:30pm

    I love this, possibly because I too wish I could beat the hell out of the MLA Handbook.

  • Jamesicles 05.30.12 @ 5:53pm


  • Richard DuSparks III 05.30.12 @ 5:24pm

    great job getting Colin Farrell.

  • Margot 05.30.12 @ 8:33am

    James !! :D
    Check out SMBC Theater, guys ! They’re hilarious !

  • padurn 05.30.12 @ 6:59am

    Eh yo - the only thing I need to read is restaurant.

  • James.. 05.30.12 @ 3:08am

    Have you ever seen that James Ashby guy shirtless? Or with nothing but rainbow suspenders on? HE IS A GOD AMONG MEN.

  • Rei 05.30.12 @ 1:28am


  • Jess 05.30.12 @ 12:42am

    Reading by physically beating the sh*t out of your books is a good way to learn that the human hand is fragile and susceptible to damage.

    I learned that from fighting a medical textbook.

  • AwesomeDood 05.30.12 @ 12:22am

    Beat the hell out of MLA. Please and thank you!

  • Jonathan 05.30.12 @ 12:14am

    Oh wow, SMBC theater anyone?

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