Hour of Terror

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"Ah! Hello, weary traveler, and welcome to 5-Second Films' Halloween Week! I'll be your ghoulish guide for all the kookiness and all the spookiness! We've got quite a crop of creepy clips, so don't go anywhere...wouldn't want you to die of boredom! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!" - Lester Bones, manic skeleton / punsmith


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  • Arinen 03.06.11 @ 1:53pm

    WTF, you promise me an hour of horror and I get 5 seconds of hilarity?! This is ridiculous, I demand my money back!

  • The Sentient Houseplant 11.01.10 @ 1:02pm

    Never has there been a more elegant punsmith than Lester Bones.  After his death, however, he couldnt14 stand the misuse of puns in todays world.  Now he’s back to use his powers for evil.

  • YOU KNOW IT! 10.28.10 @ 2:12pm

    @vigorous anal sex
    Cool name, but i blame industry11

  • Arthur 10.27.10 @ 4:47pm

    Get use69 to it.

  • blargh 10.26.10 @ 1:54pm

    OBLIVION!!!!!! :D

  • Advice 10.26.10 @ 11:39am

    @avenger I felt the same way when I first found 5sf, don’t worry after a while you get used to it. you should make some plans17 to watch a bunch
    (That is how that game works right? you just include what ever your captcha is into ur comment.)

  • hello 10.25.10 @ 11:09pm

    If you’re blocked by a proxy, try subscribing to the RSS feed in iTunes.

  • Avenger 10.25.10 @ 8:01pm

    I can’t understand what’s said in half the 5SF videos, you guys need to speak clearly.

  • vigorous anal sex 10.25.10 @ 6:42pm

    I was just watching a bunch of Cryptkeeper videos!
    But seriously, fuck that guy. I couldn’t sleep by myself in my room until I was 12.

  • Matayoman 10.25.10 @ 3:44pm

    @EthZee. Dude good one, the “pungeon,” lol.

  • Slow pete 10.25.10 @ 3:42pm


    Aw, dang it.

  • YESS 10.25.10 @ 1:03pm

    Toccata + Fugue in D minor !!!
    Finally !!

  • DaShelf 10.25.10 @ 11:41am

    Kelsey lost some weight.

  • EthZee 10.25.10 @ 10:37am

    Send them… to The Pungeon!


  • Val 10.25.10 @ 9:54am

    For those having a hard time understanding it, Brian says “These puns are scaring me.” Also, hurray for Halloween week.

  • ts 10.25.10 @ 6:41am

    One of the few not written77 very well.

  • kenneth 10.25.10 @ 6:29am

    i’d make a *halo*—CHORUS—joke, but i think that it’s gotten old…

  • not the soda machine!!! 10.25.10 @ 5:51am

    I cant even understand what he is saying… shown11

  • Mmmmbaby 10.25.10 @ 5:45am

    I spy Oblivion…

  • thatperson 10.25.10 @ 4:34am

    NOOO!! my school has blocked 5secondfilms and even after going through a proxy the video is still unavailable. Today my school has stoped me from my 5seconds of fun. and has forever made an enemy they will learn to FEAR! ... radio86
    p.s. its a nightmare fitting to holloween week.

  • lassegg69 10.25.10 @ 3:05am

    the bunny is back for another week

  • Demoman 10.25.10 @ 2:39am

    @Question You ask in a rather inquisitive tone as to the nature of my being a Demoman of upmost quality.

    If my status as a demolitions expert was in a declining state, I would not be seated in this non-descript warehouse of unknown origin, holding an extended interview and about the nature of my expertise, is that not true?

  • Jasper 10.25.10 @ 2:09am

    Is that.. Oblivion?
    In the background of the skeleton..
    Nice film!

  • Shawn 10.25.10 @ 1:04am

    Josh “Hands” McHands is my new favorite person.

  • Walter 10.25.10 @ 12:38am

    An hour of terror? MORE LIKE 5 MINUTES OF TERROR, AMIRITE?

  • Ameh. 10.25.10 @ 12:20am

    Yay! Halloween week has begun.

  • Josh "Hands" McHands 10.25.10 @ 12:12am

    Looks like I just got a (puts on punglasses) boner. YEAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHH!

  • Bones McCool, King of the "Nail Hard" 10.24.10 @ 11:30pm

    The quality38 of Lester’s puns went downhill somewhat after the third season.

  • Question 10.24.10 @ 11:25pm

    What makes you a good Demoman?

  • Demoman 10.24.10 @ 11:09pm

    Oooh you wouldn’t want to meet that alone in the ally.

  • Joey 10.24.10 @ 11:05pm

    That’s it. 5 second films, if you do a take on slutty Halloween costumes, I will forever be your bitch.

  • Dude 10.24.10 @ 11:05pm

    Thank goodness the remote doesn’t have dials.

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