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Bummer Week concludes with Part 5. Thank you for waiting patiently for it to be over.


  • copwrttwovb 11.30.16 @ 1:55pm

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  • Apes_Of_Space 10.16.13 @ 11:25pm

    Quit being a bitch and man up, this is life.

  • Brian Firenzi 01.04.13 @ 11:25am


    Bummer week wasn’t meant to be a jokefest. “The Craziest Thing” was kind of a failure in that regard, but dying dogs, Alzheimers and mothers rejecting their gay sons aren’t exactly fountains of comedy. Sorry if you got offended, but when you say it wasn’t funny at all, all I can say is that we succeeded.

  • TheOnlyChuck 10.29.12 @ 1:25am

    Welcome to Bummer Week Yayyyyuhhhhhh!!!!!!

  • Lgtb_forever 09.03.12 @ 2:07pm

    I know most of you guys are going to tell me that “it’s just a joke” and all that but I found this one really hurtful and offensive. i know it’s just supposed to be a joke, but this is a real nightmare. I’m so afraid of this actually happening when i come out. and this is a reality for so many gays.

    So even though it’s supposed to be a joke, It wasn’t funny at all. No matter how many people comment saying they couldn’t stop laughing. Thanks for laughing at my nightmare.

  • Shepard 07.05.12 @ 10:18pm

    I laughed so hard at this. And all of the Bummer week vids (except for the dog one). I can totally see how people could find them depressing (cuz, you know, they are), but I also cracked up when I saw “Ted” and he thanked Norah Jones for 911 (she’s half Indian…). Horrible and inappropriate in every way? Of course—but that’s where the humor is, and that’s literally the reason I come to this site, because these guys are geniuses at pushing the envelope and making us laugh at things that nobody ever should laugh at.

    And if they meant for it to be genuinely sad, most commenters felt that way, so either way: SUCCESS

  • brx 04.27.12 @ 11:01pm

    one of the funniest ever smile

  • kalvynevans 04.13.12 @ 3:29am

    This makes sense now:


  • twiggle the trenchcoat rodent 04.11.12 @ 6:03am

    Lol, watch the envelope flap. first closed, then open, then closed, the open again. Amazed me.

  • Ian 04.09.12 @ 8:27pm

    better yet, that DO make it and art form of its own.

  • Ian 04.09.12 @ 8:25pm

    I agree with Dustin; I’m not sure if you guys seriously wanted the emotional weight these carried, but they’re all amazing works. Honestly, this is the sort of thing that could make five seconds of film art. I hope you guys continue to make such great shots.

  • the_nozzle_poots 04.09.12 @ 1:51pm

    I feel nothing, sorry

  • Edward 04.09.12 @ 12:10pm

    From my perspective, this is the only bummer video that succeeded in being not at all funny.

  • Ian 04.09.12 @ 11:09am

    Paul was actually really good in this one, even with just one line.

  • AzerothDonaaraNova 04.08.12 @ 5:40pm

    @SeldomCommentor i laughed too.

  • hannawannaway 04.07.12 @ 10:53pm

    Give Paul Prado the Oscar.

  • SeldomCommentor 04.07.12 @ 10:22pm

    I must be the only person who laughed at the Bummer Week videos as well as the normal ones. They’re all great, of course.

  • Han Solo 04.07.12 @ 8:50pm

    Am I the only one who had a threesome dream with Paulie?  Kelsey was there but Paulie wanted it up the butt and I said no… he wasn’t doing the math

  • babypuncher 04.07.12 @ 5:13pm

    LOL, ice cold casting.

    Leann isn’t old enough to be Pauly P’s dad.

  • MEP 04.07.12 @ 5:03pm

    @Mira - Yes!

  • ibs2pid 04.07.12 @ 3:43pm

    I KNEW IT!!!!

  • Jim 04.07.12 @ 3:05pm

    haha this is funny because my parents did the same to me. and not for being gay but because they didn’t want me.

  • lowww 04.07.12 @ 2:31pm

    Wow Paul’s face…....Let me hold you Paul.

  • jujubear 04.07.12 @ 9:51am

    5sf showed it could hang with the best of them this week, producing poignant drama alongside absurdist comedy sketches, thereby demonstrating, once again, that no one can do it better, faster.

    Cheers, guys, and kudos to Paul on an outstanding performance.

  • Jeremy 04.07.12 @ 9:42am

    Thank goodness this week is over. Do not do this to us ever again. Cyanide and Happiness can pull it off without making me sad, but you guys really bummed me out with these.

  • ProtoSaura 04.07.12 @ 6:51am

    You know, most of the times i don’t really like the roles Paul is playing, don’t really know why though, so sorry that i can’t add something creative to this.
    But in this vid….. whoa, i’m blown away. Of all bummers this one was the best. (after that is the result, and that made it because even if it is a silent movie in terms of dialogue, it transports many emotions.)

  • Eee 04.07.12 @ 1:30am

    of all the bummer-week vids, this was by-far the most bummering. Bravo, Paul. I thought this was some good acting. Which, honestly, surprised me for a 5sf.

  • Oblivious kid in a strip club 04.06.12 @ 9:41pm

    Come on guys, she meant “You should go buy me some skittles, I love me some fucking skittles”

  • Dustin 04.06.12 @ 8:13pm

    This and The Result were fucking gold. Same time next year?


  • ChronoSamurai 04.06.12 @ 8:11pm

    Doesn’t even fucking look him in the eyes. What a stone cold bitch. Bummer week was amazing. Easily depressing enough to counteract all the good feelings I’ve gotten from the past few years of your work. So please go back to comedy before I kill myself, ok?

  • Scottie Pilgrim 04.06.12 @ 7:59pm

    christ almighty, I want regular 5sf back. I mean, the bummer ones are great, but five in a row are just too much for me to bear.

  • Strangelove 04.06.12 @ 7:22pm

    Wait, had she just had that envelope waiting on the bookshelf this whole time? Was she just preparing for the inevitable?

  • Mira 04.06.12 @ 7:02pm

    Is that Leann Slaby?

  • MM 04.06.12 @ 6:39pm

    Mom: “..and go…to the gay bar. Have fun.”

    Son: “Mom, I love you! :D”

    Mom: “I know, but it will always be a platonic   love..won’t it…”

    Son: “o_o”

  • Jess 04.06.12 @ 5:19pm

    I know I SHOULD have expected it coming for bummer week, but…

    Ow 5sf. Ow. Right in the recent memory.

  • Alex0tree 04.06.12 @ 5:03pm

    I hate to say it but I really liked bummer week. Maybe a part 2?

  • POOP_SHUTE 04.06.12 @ 3:31pm

    tits… tits… tits… penis! You’re it! NOW GET THE FUCK OUTTA HERES!

  • Matthew Perry 04.06.12 @ 2:56pm

    “... to the gay bar. Take this cash and have a good time, my gay son.”


  • Man Solo 04.06.12 @ 2:06pm

    Have you seen some of these American Apparel ads? I’m sure they’d change your mind, Paul.

    Not that there’s anything wrong with being gay. I’d still let you live in my house. 5 stars, gaiz.

  • The Royal Jizzum Taster 04.06.12 @ 1:41pm

    Cassidy is still the biggest bummer.

  • Adria_Penguin 04.06.12 @ 1:39pm


    Funny to see people with the exactly same reaction as me…

  • Yotta 04.06.12 @ 1:37pm


  • Carl Andersen 04.06.12 @ 1:35pm

    I liked bummer week.  Im a masochist.

  • Pastor_of_Muppets 04.06.12 @ 1:28pm

    I give this video three MILFS!

    Seriously, Paul, you’ve been holding out!

    Oh, wait, this is a Bummer Video.  I give this video three twenties in an envelope.

  • inb4 04.06.12 @ 1:03pm

    it’s ok paul, we always knew
    and we still love you

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