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A lot of this goes back to his overprotective mom, who never forgave those camp counselors for setting fire to the child-murdering den he built fifteen Halloweens ago. Things were fine with the murder den until mom came into the picture.


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  • Miss Ginny 01.19.11 @ 12:18pm

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  • dev 06.12.10 @ 9:48pm

    that’s the second taxi driver video. you have a problem.

  • Andy 02.13.10 @ 9:44pm

    is that the soundtrack to Taxi Driver I heard?

  • SuperKev 02.08.10 @ 10:16pm

    Hahaha, the scream makes it!

  • MineTruly 01.23.10 @ 4:56pm

    @Hich, why on earth would he kill the black guy first? He is obviously an equal-opportunity serial killer and went for the one who was closest, regardless of color. He may be a serial killer, but he’d never sink to the level of racism.

  • Mr.White 01.17.10 @ 4:21pm

    Nice music from Taxi Driver

  • jawsh 09.27.09 @ 2:54pm


  • chris 09.01.09 @ 6:03pm

    hahaha another pleasing one.

    maybe heres that creative surge i was asking for?

  • Shmoe 08.26.09 @ 11:15pm

    hahah nice one

  • daria 08.26.09 @ 5:41pm

    haha. the gavins really do throw the best interventions.

  • That Huy From That Place 08.26.09 @ 1:33pm

    The Gavins throw the best interventions.

  • Hich 08.26.09 @ 10:36am

    Kinda surprised he didn’t kill the black guy first.

  • Bigwes 08.26.09 @ 6:01am

    Amazingly great… it!!!

  • Jeff 08.26.09 @ 5:08am

    Amazing, new favorite

  • lassie 08.26.09 @ 3:19am

    i wish all horror movies ended this way

  • Jim 08.26.09 @ 2:47am

    best vid ever

    well, it’s really good, anyway

  • Lucky Cynic 08.26.09 @ 12:40am

    Exactly what we were talking about.

  • ! 08.25.09 @ 11:55pm

    hey the token black guy

  • Charls 08.25.09 @ 11:53pm

    hahahaha erics screech haha i love this

  • lolFurry 08.25.09 @ 11:53pm

    I don’t get what’s wrong with him

  • taylor 08.25.09 @ 11:43pm

    Think I watched this one atleast 20 times- had to focus on one serial killer at a time- true brilliance

  • kidred 08.25.09 @ 11:12pm

    we all have problems in a way

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