It Slices! It Dices!

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And that's not all! Pot-bellied pigs are a hassle to clean up after, and can take forever to devour human flesh! But with sulfuric acid, the body's gone and the pigpen can be your slave dungeon once more! And it all comes free with your purchase!


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  • TheDew 01.21.13 @ 9:24pm


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    Depends on cup size but should be just ONE.

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  • BLAHHHH 03.23.11 @ 7:32pm

    lol cash only

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  • Sylvain Racicot 05.22.10 @ 9:56pm

    Tried to order one and they’re all out. We’re going to run out of hookers.

  • Andy? 03.22.10 @ 1:14am

    Dead Hooker?
        Oh No!

  • MineTruly 01.24.10 @ 5:20pm

    We need to see that guy shirtless. C’mon, 5SF, give us some sugar.

  • Wellz 01.01.10 @ 1:55pm

    Watch this guys: the skin’s at the bottom, you give it a nice slice, and the skin comes right off!

  • R.A.I.U. 12.09.09 @ 6:55pm

    I see no living thing there ‘cept Jon

  • 3216100 12.07.09 @ 6:39pm

    Killed a hooker?! No, her hand was still twitching.

  • The Leetnes 10.10.09 @ 9:19pm

    There’s an important lesson to be learned from this video and that is that hookers are people and not meant to be strangled.

  • Uninvited guest to 4 year old's birthday party 08.28.09 @ 8:17pm

    If I had a nickle…


  • slice'emdiceem 08.06.09 @ 6:36pm

    Dead Hooker? Oh no!

  • El Liamo 07.03.09 @ 5:58am

    Oh, yeah, Worley! I got a great new idea for one of these. It basically shows you in a snowy area with some guy next too you. “John Worley here, and I’m stuck on a mountain! How can I eat my best friend?” You then brandish a pair of chopsticks. “With the FleshPincher 2.0!” Your friend then says in a terrified voice, “Wait, what?” As you turn towards him, chopsticks at the ready.

    Whaddya think?

  • El Liamo 07.03.09 @ 5:52am

    God bless ye, John Worley.

    Oh! By the by, I’ll half a dozen ChopWows, if’n ya please!

  • Mitchrapp 06.30.09 @ 8:35pm

    reminds me of DEXTER every time I watch this clip
    love the slight blood splatter at the end.

  • RealJonWorley 06.23.09 @ 3:26pm

    That’s the point! She still has some death rattles in her. Makes it more disturbing when I chop her up.

  • antolicus 06.23.09 @ 2:29pm

    the hooker moves

  • Griffin 06.21.09 @ 10:23am

    I love how the “dead hooker’s” fingers are moving

  • qzz 06.19.09 @ 6:04am

    no more saws for me

  • XxXchaseXxX 06.18.09 @ 7:30pm

    hahah this is fucking funny

  • 7ru7h 06.18.09 @ 7:27pm

    nice vid, congrats btw on appearing on Tosh.0 today…they may not have shown the best two vids, but its good to see you guys getting more exposure

  • Lore 06.18.09 @ 12:39pm

    That controlled yet subtle hand gesture toward the hooker was reminiscent of some of the great pitchmen in television history.

  • Shmoe 06.18.09 @ 12:34pm

    Is there anything Jon Worely can’t do?

  • RealJonWorley 06.18.09 @ 12:03pm

    That Eunuch needs my new FINGER CONDOMS, not available in stores, or on TV.
    Just need to text your sister’s age and eating habits to 1-800-555-2625, and I’ll send you one absolutely free.

  • pickle 06.18.09 @ 6:20am

    so would that flipside be like the cracker/pretzel combination thingy… and if so, would the grater be on the outside for extra friction or the inside for extra lube?

  • thenation 06.18.09 @ 3:21am

    I bought condoms from John Worely.

  • Earthbreaker 06.18.09 @ 2:51am

    Looked like quite a clean kill…until he got the frickin saw out!

    youre21 (22 actually)

  • PA 06.18.09 @ 1:35am

    And all this time i’ve been using those nasty saws… thanks, ChopWow!

  • Brian Firenzi 06.18.09 @ 12:23am

    Condoms that have an incredibly convenient, easy-to-clean flipside that grates and peels vegetables of all sizes.

  • moog 06.17.09 @ 10:39pm

    John Worely could sell condoms to a eunuch.

  • McDiddler 06.17.09 @ 10:37pm

    first babies and now power saws…I like where this is going

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