It’s a Vegan! It’s a Musician!

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Faster than an ironically purchased Yugo! More powerful than a hot cup of Chai tea! Able to leap obscure B-sides in a single bound!


  • rbkxhtu 12.01.16 @ 11:25am

    q5zQ4A jtkpgzklbbbd, aaetxcjegjwi, [link=]synhyhzfjmgq[/link],

  • trumpy303 02.13.13 @ 6:37am

    I was a hipster before it was cool

  • TheDew 01.27.13 @ 10:01am

    I have…..

  • Shedlock 09.27.11 @ 10:55am

    You probably haven’t heard of me. I’m pretty obscure.

  • Teatard 12.25.10 @ 9:11pm

    Chai is the Indian word for tea; in effect, you say tea tea.
    No self respecting Hipster Trash calls it “Chai tea.” Just chai.

  • the_nozzle_poots 11.30.10 @ 10:05am

    I am so hip I can barely see over my pelvis.

  • Nick 11.27.10 @ 10:14pm

    After the gold rush is hardly an obscure B side…

  • cory 09.11.10 @ 12:12pm

    I remember when being hip was cool. It used to have integrity.

  • The Sentient Houseplant 09.07.10 @ 4:51pm

    Express your individuality by listening to all the bands you’re told you should

  • Toasted 09.05.10 @ 1:02am

    Jon Worley is a babe. even as a hipster.

  • Kilroy 08.12.10 @ 12:37pm

    This is now my favorite 5sf.

  • Jennifer June 08.02.10 @ 11:29am

    So.. the vegan part was the jacket or….

  • dev 06.14.10 @ 8:57pm

    can we get more of these please?

  • lol 05.05.10 @ 8:26am

    die hipster scum!

  • Unfire 04.08.10 @ 9:16am

    Dead on for the reason I hate hipsters

  • Denny Crane 04.07.10 @ 3:07pm

    I have that album….WHAT AM I BECOMING!?

  • Gildertron 03.17.10 @ 12:01pm

    Jon Worley!

  • Tom Harper 03.02.10 @ 3:04pm

    pure excellence

  • John 01.29.10 @ 12:05pm

    this is fucking hilarious to anyone at a university. Place is infested with hipsters.

  • HighFriends 01.28.10 @ 8:28am

    Haha pretty awesome

  • Maddison 01.23.10 @ 8:45am

    wait. that’s me. in male form.
    also, neil young wins. next: nick drake.

  • amyelise 01.19.10 @ 5:22am

    yes!  perfect.  i love it.

  • CraneMask 12.22.09 @ 2:34pm


  • shmoe 12.13.09 @ 4:37pm

    hahahah this one is amazing

  • Brogan 12.09.09 @ 6:36pm

    i actually purchased a yugo last year…*hangs head in shame*

  • Agreer 12.09.09 @ 8:01am

    I concur, more hipster superman. Also, I totally got that album because he told me to.

  • Nave 12.05.09 @ 6:53am

    Hilarious. Need moar hipster superman.

  • Kevin 12.04.09 @ 1:37pm

    Really great guys.

    Hey get a Favicon.

  • Skynyrd Rules, son 12.04.09 @ 11:07am

    silly hipster, Neil Young blows

  • BiggerJ 12.03.09 @ 10:39pm

    I wouldn’t have like this is it weren’t for the theme song.

  • Morgan 12.03.09 @ 10:05pm

    People of FSF : Every film in the last week has been completely wonderful. That is all.

  • Thomas Handlebarmustache 12.03.09 @ 10:43am

    Can you make this into a full-length series? In our dark times of recession, international terrorism, and poison children’s toys, we need a hero like this to look up to and bum clove cigarettes off of.

  • Arabian 12.03.09 @ 9:27am

    Worley you made me laugh quite heartily this morning.  Very very funny.

  • Jim 12.03.09 @ 9:03am

    yes, but if it’s ever featured on a popular website you have to brag to everyone that you knew about it wayyyy before everyone else did

    also, this one was amazing

  • Chompy Duchamp 12.03.09 @ 8:05am

    Wait, people don’t like this one? Then it’s cool that I love it, right?

  • Staniel 12.03.09 @ 7:34am

    that was alright but, a little too mainstream for me? i like finding wicked out there 5 second films like ones by daniel johnston or fugazi or something, like whatever bro?

  • ME 12.03.09 @ 5:00am

    It’s only funny if you’re hip, ya dig?


    There are hipsters that play Animal Collective’s “Peacebone” 25 consecutive times with parallel commentary, and there are hipsters that hold homeless people hostage in their basement and force them to learn music theory so they can be the sole owner of their vinyl cut.

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