It’s Not WW2. It’s HBO.

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Truman's plan to just wait for the whole DVD set to come out proved effective, though many lives were lost when the Germans double-dipped them with a pricey collector's edition eight months later.


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  • Dan DiTomaso 07.31.11 @ 8:03am

    I don;t like cats but this one was funny!

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  • SputNik 02.06.11 @ 9:40pm

    The costuming may not be entirely accurate, but at least there’s a theme to it =)

  • SputNik 10.14.10 @ 2:08am

    probably one of my all time favorites! i love these saving private ryan and other second world war based films and mini series parodies!

  • p33krN 07.18.10 @ 3:06pm

    Hey! Thats a R700 sniper rifle. That doesn’t belong in WW2!

  • bugs 07.04.10 @ 11:57am

    i like there faces at the end

  • Guy 05.31.10 @ 6:55pm

    Lol, a Kalashnikov and what looks like a Winchester rifle. A German Uniform and American Helmets. Great props raspberry

    But seriously, great short, and very cool to see you actually getting themed costumes and such, that stuff isn’t too cheap.

  • The muffins are mine, Dick Cheney. Mine. 05.19.10 @ 8:31pm

    Heed this warning, for shall it be ignored, thou shall suffer thirty days and thirty nights on the crapper with the runs.




  • Martin Havenhausenheimer 04.28.10 @ 4:10pm

    ahaha so perfect and spot-on

  • hw 04.23.10 @ 11:37am

    oh my god are you guys seriously nitpicking gun types in 5SF?

  • punk 04.16.10 @ 6:07pm

    Not an AK47, AKS-74u, silly goose

  • OnlyTwice 04.14.10 @ 1:37pm

    lol @ them calling it WW2. The guy with the glasses on the left has an ak47…

    they proved a point though.

  • Jamie 04.14.10 @ 12:48pm


  • YOU LOSE THE INTERNET!!! 04.14.10 @ 7:10am

    and then the american with the glasses use it to beat to death 73 more germans until he decided to take ammo from the bodies.

  • Carl Steilhirn 04.13.10 @ 10:24pm

    That would be a German flag, although the red stripe in the middle seems to have been washed out. You see these kind of jackets a lot nowadays.

  • larson 04.13.10 @ 8:01pm

    You can hear it in the heat of the jungle,
    You can hear it across the sea.
    It calls to every freedom-loving man,
    The cry of the US Infantry.

    Follow me!

  • Dogmeat 04.13.10 @ 5:07pm

    What kind of flag is that on his shoulder?

  • Fawkes 04.13.10 @ 1:56pm


    Wait, what?

  • Sam 04.13.10 @ 12:07pm

    Spot on, very funny.

  • FruSla 04.13.10 @ 11:10am

    As the color faded out a bit, they knew they were in for some serious FRUIT SLAM!


  • zambo. 04.13.10 @ 10:02am

    it grows on me. always37

  • Rob 04.13.10 @ 9:57am

    This just nailed one big problem I always have with historical dramatisations.

  • Rayge 04.13.10 @ 9:35am

    made me laugh!

  • Eric 04.13.10 @ 6:34am

    I’m actually pretty sure that’s a Kalashnikov with a folding stock.

  • Nusent 04.13.10 @ 6:09am

    I believe that the American with the glasses had killed a German with his bare-hands and took his MP40.

  • YOU LOSE THE INTERNET!!! 04.13.10 @ 5:48am

    the guy with the glasses has a german MP40.

  • puggsy 04.13.10 @ 5:34am

    That was a low blow to HBO

  • Nex 04.13.10 @ 5:32am

    So authentic and realistic!

  • Apom 04.13.10 @ 2:49am

    From the halls of montenzuma
    to the halls of montenzuma,
    the us marines always depend
    on the lovely musical end.

  • Failed Punchline 04.13.10 @ 2:34am

    This was quite the snide remark at HBO’s artistic tendency to un-saturate the image of the picture to give the illusion of an old world. I dare say.

  • wererat2000 04.13.10 @ 12:04am

    wait…. what?

  • stumpy4348 04.12.10 @ 11:14pm

    btw haha

  • stumpy4348 04.12.10 @ 11:13pm


  • . 04.12.10 @ 11:03pm

    kraut bastards.

  • stuff 04.12.10 @ 11:03pm

    first comment yallll…bahwordup

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